Cool Hand Luke


Progressive,Atmospheric Rock,Emo

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With humble beginnings in Tennessee, the history of Cool Hand Luke reads like a good fiction novel.

Band forms in 1998 at Middle State University. Band signs to Floodgate Records in 2002. Band puts out two records. Band tours country with The Myriad, Norma Jean, Switchfoot, Anathallo, As Cities Burn (to name a few) and sells thousands of records. Band debuts at number 6 on the Billboard internet sales charts. Band takes hiatus. One member gets married and moves away; another goes off to college. One goes on tour with chaos-core band The Chariot as fill-in drummer.  Band reforms around single constant member, Mark Nicks, in 2006. Casey McBride and Joey Holman join band. Band tours more and has now played 46 states. Band releases The Balancing Act with Floodgate, fulfilling their contractual obligation. Floodgate folds during the release. Band is suddenly left with no label, no management, no booking agent. Band looses rehearsal space. Casey gets arms burned in grease accident. Band has no money and an almost finished record.

Time for the climax, right? Almost.

Cool Hand Luke signs to Lujo Records in 2008. They go back into the studio to finish their album which, they say, is the best sounding and best written album they've ever done. Casey's skin grafts take effect and he is able to play the bass again. Cool Hand Luke hits the road where they discover anew their loyal fanbase, desperate for a new recording. On October 14th Cool Hand Luke answers, offering the world the true climax to this story, The Sleeping House.

Cool Hand Luke tours on the new album, and eventually dwindles down to Mark Nicks once again.

Mark announces in 2009 that Cool Hand Luke will no longer be a touring band, but will work on new material for the near future. Fans are sad, and wait for the next tidbit from this truly incredible and influential band.

The story isn't over yet....

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Album Title Year Label
Demo Schmemo1998Independent
...So Far EP1999Independent
I Fought Against Myself2001Independent
Wake Up, O Sleeper2003Floodgate Records
The Fires of Life2004Floodgate Records
The Balancing Act2007Floodgate Records
Buy the Truth - EP2008Lujo Records
The Sleeping House2008Lujo Records
Of Man2011Independent





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