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Christian music artist Corey Crowder's music,  a unique blend of folk, jazz, and country, manages to capture elements of the 60's and 70's while still maintaining relevance in the modern music world. With an emphasis on heartfelt lyrics that tell the story of his life and those around him, listeners are inevitably left with words that seem to tell their life story as well.

Performing under the name A Farewell to Arms, from 2001 to 2005, Cory Crowder released his first full length album,  Certain Starlights and Fleeting Daybreaks.  In early 2005 Corey decided to drop the name A Farewell to Arms and begin performing as simply Corey Crowder.

In August 2005 Corey Crowder released an 11-track acoustic full-length album,  Learning to Let Go - Home Recordings, that included some re-recorded songs from "Certain Starlights" as well as some brand new material. The Cd enjoyed some success when MTV aired various songs from the album on their reality show The Real World.  Shortly thereafter Cory Crowder relocated to Greenville, SC and began writing new material for Starting All Over, an EP released in 2007.

Focusing on his southern roots Corey Crowder brought a level of soul to his 2008 release, Gold and the Sand.  Blending his southern upbringing with his love for old jazz classics to Corey Crowder has formed his unique soulful sound.  The songs on Gold and The Sand have subtle shades of meaning that are that are developed through complex word choice and surprising storyline twists and turns.

In 2009, Corey Crowder released Lost & Found as a "free agent" from a record label, having parted ways with Tooth & Nail earlier that same year.

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Album Title Year Label
Certain Starlights and Fleeting Daybreaks2003Independent
Learning to Let Go2005Independent
Starting All Over2007Tooth & Nail Records
Gold & The Sand2008Tooth & Nail Records
Lost & Found2009Independent
We Go Back EP 2011Independent





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