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Known for his tenure performing as Pedro the Lion (briefly as Headphones also), songwriter David Bazan retired the Pedro the Lion moniker in 2006 to continue making music under his own name. His solo debut EP Fewer Moving Parts finds David Bazan going back to his creative roots, performing and recording everything himself in his home studio, while expanding his sonic canvas. David Bazan songs are framed in layered harmonies, multi-tracked guitars, and analog keyboards. David Bazan is a gifted storyteller, weaving parables of spiritual conflict, suburban ennui, and personal surrender into magnetic, well-crafted songs. The 10-song EP includes electric and acoustic versions of five new David Bazan songs. Acclaimed graphic novelist, Zak Sally created new original artwork for the EP.

In 1998 Pedro the Lion released their first full-length record, the intimate, charming It's Hard to Find a Friend. For this, their homemade debut, David Bazan arranged songs about draft dodgers, leg hair phobics, trans ams, and cheating lovers into a deeply moving album, which one critic praised as "expressing the tension between the sacred and secular unlike any record since Al Green's "Call Me."

After months of touring, Pedro The Lion went back into the studio to produce the considerably darker The Only Reason I Feel Secure (is that I am validated by my peers). The EP revealed a brooding, self-conscious depth akin to future writers Dave Eggers and Charlie Kaufman. David Bazan further honed his craft on the politically prophetic concept album Winners Never Quit (2000) and Control (2002), a morbid study of the relationship between infidelity and corporate culture, fueled by bombastic drum hooks and claustrophobic electric guitars.

Achilles Heel, Pedro The Lion' swansong. was their most multifaceted, mature work yet. Lyrically, dry wit and melancholy are marbled together, creating relaxed narratives with subtle and often profound depth. Pedro the Lion's Achilles Heel is emotionally complex yet immediately accessible, a striking and literate letter from that place between hope and sadness.

With a new batch of songs from his solo debut Fewer Moving Parts, David Bazan hit the road to re-invent himself. Playing hundreds of solo shows allowed him to change the way he approached his extensive back catalog and transform his live performances into a much more personal experience for himself and his fans. This new found intimacy is evident in David Bazan’s newest songs. The subject matter is more personal than ever. His signature narratives have grown into first-person statements about his own life and experiences.

David Bazan recently signed to Seattle-based record label Barsuk Records. He’s currently working on a new full-length album, Curse Your Branches, to be released September 2009.

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Album Title Year Label
Whole EP1997Tooth & Nail Records
It's Hard to Find a Friend 1998Jade Tree
The Only Reason I Feel Secure EP1999Jade Tree
Winners Never Quit2000Jade Tree
Progress EP2000Suicide Squeeze
Control2002Jade Tree
Achilles Heel2004Jade Tree
Tour EP '042004Jade Tree
Headphones2005Suicide Squeeze
Fewer Moving Parts EP2006Basurk Records
Curse Your Branches2009Barsuk Records





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Barsuk Records

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