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The band began when David Crowder fromTexarkana, Texas, realized that almost half of the students at Baylor University were not attending church, which he found surprising since it is a Christian university. David Crowder and Chris Seay started University Baptist Church (Waco, Texas) in 1995 while he was still a student. Crowder led worship there and continued to do so throughout the year. The church's congregation grew, as did the band's lineup.

David Crowder began writing songs to incorporate into the worship times at the church and eventually the church released an independent cd, Pour Over Me, followed by All I Can Say in 1999. These CDs brought the <David Crowder Band to a wider audience and invitations to festivals and events followed. The band was signed to sixsteprecords/Sparrow  and has released six more albums to date (see discography). David Crowder tours the United States continuously, but make it back to their home church in Waco, Texas relatively often. It has been said that Kyle Lake, University Baptist Church's former pastor and also longtime friend of the band, had a strong influence on the band's music in terms of content and inspiration both during his life and after his tragic death.

With their September 2005 release, A Collision, David Crowder Band explored a new realm of musical diversity. The album houses a mix of bluegrass, folk, alternative and worship, woven together with a touch of electronic ambiance. This release landed them the #2 spot on the iTunes Music Store and the #39 spot on Billboard 200  only one day after its release.

On the same day as the release of A Collision, their song "Turkish Delight" was released on the Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia compilation CD. This song, which is a reference to the magical Turkish Delight in C.S. Lewis book  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, has an old-school disco feel.

On March 19, 2007, the band officially started recording its newest album. Titled Remedy, the band also revealed the album's website, which allowed fans to follow the band via live webcams, and discover more about the album. Famously controversial rock musician Ted Nugent made a special guest appearance on the album, on the song "We Won't Be Quiet". Remedy was released on September 25, 2007. The day after its release, it reached #4 on the iTunes Music Store.

In 2009, the band released one of their most creative a epic offerings in Church Music, a continuous play album that spanned from quiet worship to hard rock.

In 2011, the band announced that they were parting ways:
The David Crowder*Band was formed in the year two thousand; it was the dawn of a millennium, Y2K was upon us, and out of this chaos was born the DC*B. That sounds way more epic than we intend it, but it is fact. We signed a 3 album deal with our friends at sixstepsrecords who are part of the EMI/CMG family. We didn’t want to be presumptuous, presuming there would be more than those first three albums, but we hoped. And so we began discussions about building a 6 album set, the second three, if we were ever to have the great privilege of recording them, would be loosely associated with the first three, you know, sort of like how in the creation story day one is related to day four, as in, first there is light, then on the fourth day the sun and moon and stars appear. We do these things because we are quite nerdy and also because we hope to inject meaning wherever and whenever we are able. We also like structure, and this seemed a pretty nifty structure to work within, since, well, it is one of the greatest stories ever. And sure enough, we have had the happy fortune to record five full-length albums and are hard at work on the 6th right now.

The problem, or the beauty, is that we’ve never been able to see past album 6. In the meantime, a lot of life has happened. It is now 2011 (this is for anyone who may not have been paying attention) and in eleven years there have been many twists and turns. Each of us has gotten married. New humans have arrived as a result of these marriages, 5 to be exact. We have also lost some really good friends to death along the way and have gotten to celebrate together that death is not the end of things. It’s really crazy to think that we have lived over a decade of life together. And, in the middle of all this life, we have gotten to make music that was a reflection of what was happening among us. We have attempted, to the best of our ability, to insert all of these twists and turns into our music, hoping that our responses to God in the midst of these moments would be an aid to others.

At the first of this year we began discussing what was next. For a long while, we have had a good idea what we were going to do for album number 6; we were going to record a Mass. Ambitious, maybe, but we had been working out the details of how it would connect to A Collision, you know the one with the boy and the atom on the cover. Mass happens to be a term used in physics, and this was exciting to us. But we also began conversations about what was to follow this sixth album. Some of us discussed maybe going back to school. Some of us talked about how great it might feel to be home with family more. Some mentioned maybe writing for a living, or at least getting to give more attention to it. Some talked about more music to be made and who they might enjoy making it with and how great it would be to have more diverse options open to them and the excitement they felt when thinking about those options (as in, if this was to be the period at the end of a sentence, they couldn’t wait to read the next paragraph!) And, out of these discussions, the decision was reached that this sixth album would be our last. None of us is sure what’s next, but we’re not afraid. We’re, in fact, really, really excited! And we’re sure that music will play a role in the future for most, if not all, of us, since, well, we wouldn’t know how to not have it a part of our lives. To what extent that will be, none of us is sure. We are hopeful and expecting, and praying that what is ahead of us deepens our need and experience of redemption and multiplies our ability and effectiveness in expressing the story of God in light of the call he has on each of our lives.

We are forever grateful for the support we have had from our church community, both local and extended. Really. It has been beautiful, all of it. And we will most definitely keep you informed as things progress and life’s new twists and turns start to make themselves more apparent.

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Album Title Year Label
Pour Over Me1998Independent
All I Can Say1999Independent
The Green CD2002Independent
Can You Hear Us?2002SixSteps Records
The Yellow CD2003Independent
Illuminate2003SixSteps Records
The Lime CD2004SixSteps Records
Sunsets & Sushi2005SixSteps Records
A Collision Or (3 + 4 = 7)2005SixSteps Records
B Collision2006SixSteps Records
Remedy2006SixSteps Records
Remedy Club Tour Edition (CD+DVD)2007SixSteps Records
Church Music2009SixSteps Records
Summer Happiness EP2010SixSteps Records
Oh For Joy2011SixSteps Records
Give Us Rest2012SixSteps Records





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