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It would be easy to describe Deas Vail simply by pointing at vocalist Wes Blaylock's upper register range and falsetto and then to slap on the indie label. Granted, it's an unmistakable voice that sounds as if it bides its time floating amid the stars, and so, is a major part of the band's sound. But there's so much more beyond that soaring voice.

When Deas Vail formed in 2003, ( lead singer and songwriter) Wes Blaylock says the goal was to back his own acoustic singer-songwriter project, with no bigger picture in mind than friends having fun. “We didn’t think we’d be doing it professionally yearslater,” he says. But three albums, two EPs and a few member changes later, the band has matured into a formidably tight unit. “The rapport and chemistry has gotten deeper,” he says. “We’ve gotten braver, and we felt like on this album, we weren’t in any boxes and we could just do whatever we wanted. Be experimental and try different ideas, move forward and do new things. We’re still growing, still writing better songs.”

As Deas Vail look ahead to a fall release and getting back on the road, Blaylock says that he hopes the music might “encourage and inspire” listeners in their own lives.
“I love music because it speaks to people in such different ways,” Blaylock says. “You have words, melody, dynamics, volume. There’s so many changes. Where people may look at a painting and not really understand what they’re looking at without having to dive in and learn about it, with music, it’s more natural to grab hold of something and not even know why. So I hope that the record reaches people in all different ways. I feel like that’s a whole lot to ask but then we’ve gotten feedback from fans over the years, and they say, ‘I was going through a rough time in my life, and your song really helped me get through.’ I can’t even describe what an amazing feeling that is - that this little band from Arkansas can put these songs out there and then somebody can be encouraged or feel like it’s little easier to get through life because of this music.”

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Album Title Year Label
This Place Is Painted Red2005Independent
Collapse2006Brave New World Records
All The Houses Look The Same2007Brave New World Records
White Lights EP2008Brave New World Records
Birds & Cages2009Mono Vs Stereo
Under Our Skin EP2011Mono Vs Stereo
EP (Split w Farewell Flight) (split with Farewell Flight)2011Mono Vs Stereo
Deas Vail2011Mono Vs Stereo
For Shepherds & Kings2011Mono Vs Stereo
The Side Effect EP 2012Mono Vs Stereo





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Mono Vs Stereo

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