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Patience is a virtue, they say, Denison Witmer knows this well from personal experience. Until recently, only a small audience has had the good fortune to hear Denison Witmer live or on record. All of that is changing, however, due to the company he keeps and his steadfast dedication to making worthwhile music.

Denison Witmer's emergent circle of talented peers includes: The Innocence Mission, Sufjan Stevens, My Morning Jacket, Damien Jurado, and Rosie Thomas. Denison Witmer has toured with all of these artists, some of whom appear as guest musicians on his new record, Are You A Dreamer?

The venerable CMJ (College Music Journal) proclaimed: "Denison Witmer applies confessional sensitivity to his songs as he ponders dreams and the hopes they inspire. His gentle guitar and soothing voice are deceptively powerful, enough to put even the most jaded indie rockers in touch with their inner James Taylor. This is high praise in a niche market economy, where gimmickry and glitz too often beat out melody and meaning."

Denison Witmer himself is as understated and deceptively low-key as his music, shyly letting it be known that he is delighted recent press has placed him more solidly in the‚ 70s singer-songwriter camp than among flash-in-the-pan‚ neo-folkies. He's quick to point out that he has been making records for almost a decade, and isn't just following some trend.

Perhaps it is this tenure in the indie music scene that gives his music such depth, such appeal. like touring and revisiting places over and over again to a slightly larger audience each time,  Denison Witmer says, "I know there is a limited group of people who will get into my music, but as long as I'm doing something honest that resonates with them, I'm confident they'll pick up on that and keep coming to my shows. So far this has been the case and I feel very blessed. I prefer it over having some huge overnight success and wondering whether my fans will still be around next year."

On Are You A Dreamer? Denison Witmer examines beginnings, endings, imagination, faith, aspiration, and the world of dreams with equal sensitivity. The ethereal subject matter melds seamlessly into the airy acoustic sound conjured from Denison Witmer's guitar and talented band of collaborators. Karen Peris's haunting harmonies, Don Peris's tremulous electric guitar, James McAlister's conscientious drumming, and Sufjan Stevens' terse banjo work all come across the speakers as perfect complements to the songwriter's innermost thoughts. The outcome is intimate, with focus on Denison Witmer's dexterous guitar work and expressive voice.

And all this finesse and polish has not gone unnoticed. Recently, Entertainment Weekly gushed: "We are smitten with these sweet drowsy ditties.  Denison Witmer's modest reach and pensive melodies could easily get lost in the white noise of contemporary culture, it would be a shame, though, to miss tiny gems like these."

November 11th, 2008 heralded Denison Witmer's most recent release, Carry the Weight. Harking on early influences, the album takes his 70's singer-songwriter approach even further as it focuses on friends, consumerism and cheer.

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Album Title Year Label
Of Joy & Sorrow2002Burnt Toast Vinyl
Safe Away2002Burnt Toast Vinyl
Philadelphia Songs2002Burnt Toast Vinyl
Recovered2003Fugitive Records
Are You a Dreamer?2005The Militia Group
Carry the Weight2008Razor and Tie





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