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The band originally called Die Like Me,  debuted as Destroy The Runner in 2006 with their full-length called Saints.

While a solid effort, the record did not reflect a band satisfied with their sound, but rather, one developing it. I, Lucifer saw Destroy The Runner as a band fully realized. The release boasts a radiant originality that is almost nonexistent in a practically dormant music scene.

“We realized very quickly after the release of Saints that our musical passion had shifted” explains the band. “We knew we needed to do something on our own terms, regardless of what people thought or wanted to hear. We needed to be who we really were and make an album that reflected that.” That album, I, Lucifer, is set to change the face of aggressive music as we all know it. Full of an unbridled passion and energy, the album does not let up throughout its 11 tracks. Each track shines with a uniqueness and feel unlike its predecessor, but the album flows soundlessly. I, Lucifer is something that artistically has not been attempted, much less fully realized, by any of the bands peers. this is the album that will put Destroy The Runner on the map and solidify a position as a forerunner of aggressive music.

In 2010, Destroy The Runner announced that they would no longer continue as a band. The following statement was posted by the band:

To all of our fans that have become friends, we wish to thank you for your support and dedication to us, as a band and as individuals. Without you, Destroy the Runner would not have been able to have had the opportunities allowed to us along the way. We all posses an insurmountable gratitude for any and every one that has given our music a chance. There is an even greater gratitude we posses towards anyone who has helped us in any way on the road, or at home. We have been fortunate enough to have met some of the most incredible people on our journeys, and we thank all of you for imparting your fervor on us. We hope to see you all again one day. You have aided in our personal struggles and decisions as well. So, as words could never truly express our sentiments, thank you.
?It is with this in mind that we wish to inform you that our time has run its course. We unfortunately must embrace an indefinite hiatus. We have sought to maintain musical integrity and honesty within all facets of our functioning, and, unfortunately, are not able to do so at this point in time. We have grown busier as the pains of real life and financial responsibilities keep us from a full time emersion into our passion for music. This has allowed compromise to enter the creative process. As soon as we could perceive this, we understood that it was time to give up the ghost, as compromise is the last thing we ever wish to entertain. This is the harsh face of reality.
?Please be assured that past and present band members will forever remain lifelong friends. We have bonded in a way that cannot be described. We can each personally call every member, past and present, a brother.
?With that being said, music will never fall far from any one of our lives. There are several side projects already underway and hopefully each and every one will reach your hearts and ears as Destroy the Runner has. Keep on the lookout for a softer, more experimental project with Nick, Duane, Marc, Jeremiah and several others called Other Mountains. Also check out Chapter 14 with Chad and Tanner. And for the super heavy fans, be on the lookout for a very heavy, experimental band with Nick, Duane (vocals), Kyle (from Thieves and Liars), and our guitar tech Jason that is yet to be named. It would not be far fetched if several other projects came out of Destroy the Runner. We will keep you informed on any music created or shows performed by any of these side projects.
?Once again, thank you so much for your patronage. And I hope music will continue to affect your lives for the constant improvement as much as it has ours.

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Album Title Year Label
Saints2006Solid State Records
I, Lucifer2008Solid State Records



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Solid State Records

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