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“Though I am laid low in the dirt, preserve my life according to your word” –Psalm 119:25

Dirt is the next important emcee you need to know. The tattooed, militant, seeing, telling recording artsist has blossomed from San Diego’s underground culture. This ordained minister’s “speaking engagements” have consisted ripping the lids off of unsuspecting rock and rap fans opening for the likes of P.O.D. and headlining his own national tour promoting his work on Syntax Records and Punch and Jab music.
Dirt’s style surrounds you with a potent mixture of dramatic, velvety beats with trustworthy rich inflections to punctuate his liquid smooth flow. On previous recordings, Dirt has represented with his crew Shadow of the Locusts, a nationally strewn assembly of talent to bring a well rounded exception to his music. His live performances are full of emotion and sincerity, capturing the minds of a large, well documented fan base throughout the last decade. No big wonder, crowds are drawn into a completely genuine and real connection with Dirt from the stage sounds as well as his personal touch.
His history isn’t dissimilar from most emcees for spending significant life events on the street, behind turntables, exposed to the elements of poverty and fatherlessness. Donning a name that represented humility, Dirt aspired to prove that entertainment can be found in other things besides the evils of the world.
A well-rounded emcee, he has definitely created a unique soundscape. The music being capable of pointing out the 'inner issues' while keeping a root in hip-hop’s 'street credibility'. His versatility allows him to stretch from hip-hop to other music genres and still be well received, crossing barriers and divisions that others haven't (matters of the 'heart' apply to everyone).
Lucky for us; we inherited another faithful rap extraction that satisfies.

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Album Title Year Label
Plague1997Rescue Records
A War To Restore2000Syntax Records
Live at Cornerstone '022002Shadow Of The Locust
The Broken Earth EP2005Shadow Of The Locust
Heavy Manners2007Shadow Of The Locust





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Shadow of the Locust

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