Divide The Sea


Metalcore,Southern Rock,Melodic Hardcore


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South Carolina has long served as a hotbed for innovative metallic hardcore, and Divide The Sea a are no exception. Having cut their teeth playing in various forms together for years, these five Southern gentlemen exhibit their familiarity with one another throughout their debut full length, simply entitled Man. Swaying between gut churning heaviness and potent emotional delivery, Man serves as a powerful introduction to Divide The Sea and the bright future ahead of them.

From Divide The Sea concerning their first full-length, Man:
What does it mean to be a MAN? To be masculine? To hunt, fish, grow beards, work on our muscles, drive motorcycles, do death defying stunts, hold doors for ladies, chop wood, eat beef jerky, wrestle bears, blow stuff up, wear flannel, get in a scrap, drive cars backwards, eat two pound steaks, climb trees then chop 'em down? Those things are all awesome, but we believe there is more to being a real MAN.

MAN was created in the image of almighty God. And He implemented certain desires and needs into MAN that are being repressed in today’s society. MEN are designed to be warriors and heroes, and to live a life of adventure, risk, and uncertainty. There is an internal need for a battle to fight and a beauty to rescue. MAN was created to feel pain, feel joy, be jealous, be content, to cry, to love...to do.

We believe there is a journey to be taken to fully understand what it means to be a MAN. That journey starts first with a realization of a need for a relationship with God. Only through a relationship with God and an understanding of His character, can we understand and implement His true masculinity into our lives.

We want to be real MEN! We are tired of living boring lives without meaning. We are ready for the adventure and risk. We are ready to pursue God.

Join us on this journey, and become a MAN!

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Album Title Year Label
Mustache EP2008Independent
Man2010Blood & Ink Records
Fear. Anger. Strife.2011Blood & Ink Records




South Carolina

United States

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Blood & Ink Records

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