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DJ Steve Leach is from Bournemouth. For the best part of 10 years he's been making music and DJing.

As a youngster drumming was his main passion but although he enjoyed banging out beats he longed for something more interesting, something brand new. His quest led him to by the likes of Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Groove Armada. Steach (as he's often known) was impressed by the balance they achieved between traditional band music and electronic dance music.

Using all the new technology available to be highly creative and musically excellent rather than just using a computer to churn out um-cha um-cha. This is the principle behind the sound he creates. Being a 'proper' musician rather than a DJ-turned-producer means that the sound he achieves stands out from the crowd. This musical background also enhances his DJing abilities and when listening to him DJ this is obvious.

DJ Steve Leach says: "God has always loved his people delighting themselves in his creation and acknowledging him. And I, for one, am glad his creation not only includes sunsets, waterfalls, mountain-top views, nice people, Yorkshire tea, waves, beaches, maple syrup, Boggle, whistling and so on; but also that it includes synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, dance-floors, legs, flashing lights, smoke machines, and rather loudspeakers!

"I enjoy delighting myself in his presence via the gift of all these things and hope you can too whilst listening to this CD. I'm not trying to make it all cool, I'm trying to bring it down to earth. We don't have to wait until we get to heaven for worship that's so spirit-filled and truthful it's electric. This is something that could and should be happening... right here in this room!"


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