Earth From Above


,Death Metal,Mosh

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Earth From Above growl and sneer their way through their live sets, with two studied metal vocalists at the helm; and their shows are just a taste of the sounds on Earth From Above's new album Numbered With The Transgressors.

Josh Cortez and Kevin Walsh front the band with great intensity and dexterity, fluidly dueling death growls and guttural screams. They're backed by the skillful intricacies of Anthony Hernandez, Oscar Mora and Roy Quezada who showcase considerable technique on guitar and bass. The blast beat prowess of Mike Cano provides a solid foundation to carry Earth from Above's zeal for adrenalized metal which comes from influences like All Shall Perish, Living Sacrifice, Acacia Strain, Meshuggah, and Falling Cycle.

In summer of 2009, the band announced the loss of both vocalist Josh and guitarist Oscar. Official replacements have not been announced.

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Numbered With The Transgressors2009Strike First Records



Los Angeles


United States

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Strike First Records

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