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A quintet of four siblings plus a family friend, Eisley has nurtured their unique songs of innocence and experience across a shared lifetime, with a creativity, charisma, and camaraderie that is both rare and revealing. Add to that the sheer exultant joy of music making and you still won't quite have tapped the unique appeal of this remarkable young band.

The band's name changed several times in their early years. They began as The Towheads, before changing their name to Moss Eisley, named after Mos Eisley, a spaceport town in the Star Wars films. However, when the band signed to Warner Bros. Records, there were worries of legal troubles with the name. After considering "Neverland" and "Sinclair", they eventually decided just to drop the "Moss" portion of their name, and became simply Eisley.

Eisley, and the music they make, is the result of a lifetime of collective creative effort that began in a symbiotic family setting. Boyd and Kim DuPree produced a tight-knit brood of siblings with a near telepathic musical connection, nurtured by life in the small Texas town of Tyler, with few friends, no cable TV, and a lot of big sky to bounce around under.

It was there that sisters Chauntelle DuPree and Sherri DuPree, at the ages of 15 and 13 respectively, holed up in their room practicing guitar and singing harmony when eight year-old Stacy intruded, stubbornly insisting on her place in the fledgling band. When turned away by her understandably skeptical sisters, Stacy DuPree began writing songs with all the determination that three chords and a raging case of sibling rivalry can muster. Proudly presenting her results, Stacy DuPree was immediately recruited into the sister act.

The question of where an eight-year-old and her sisters might actually perform their quixotic family act was answered when their parents opened a coffeehouse in a local strip mall to showcase up-and-coming Tyler talent, including, of course, the homegrown variety. By this time brother Weston, two years older than Stacy, had been recruited to play drums and the quartet got busy gathering a small but fanatically loyal following, performing in the all-ages clubs, church basements, and school auditoriums of East Texas.

From that point the Eisley saga kicked into the high gear. With the addition of bassist and family friend Jonathan Wilson, their playing radius expanded to Dallas's happening Deep Ellum District and, from there, spots on various musical festival bills throughout the region. A homespun demo quickly followed and promptly found its way around the country, landing the group a series of record company showcases in New York and Los Angeles. Interest was immediate and intense with Reprise eventually trumping the competition with a guarantee of complete creative freedom.

At the same time, word of mouth had reached the ears of no less than Coldplay, who recruited Eisley as an opening act on their 2003 US tour. The quintet would go on to release a few warm-up EPs even while they appeared at such prestigious venues as the Coachella Music Festival and Britain's V2003 Festival. Small wonder Blender magazine crowned them "The Next Big Thing" while Entertainment Weekly dubbed them "Band On The Brink."

Highlighting new renditions of such entrancing Eisley favorites as "I Wasn't Prepared," "Telescope Eyes," and "Memories",all originally heard on the group's twin 2003 EP's Laughing City and Marvelous Things, the band's debut full-length,Room Noises, also featured a batch of beguiling new tracks, including "Just Like We Do," "Plenty Of Paper," "Trolly Wood," "Lost At Sea," "Brightly Wound," "Golly Sandra," "My Lovely," and "One Day I Slowly Floated Away." Together they comprise one of the most impressive, entertaining, and instantly accessible debuts in recent musical memory.

On the heels of the album, the band kicked their touring life into high gear. Eisley toured with Brand New, Snow Patrol, New Found Glory, Hot Hot Heat, Switchfoot and label-mates Taking Back Sunday in Australia and the UK. Eisley has also toured three times as a headlining act, completing their "Final Noise" tour in late Spring 2006. Eisley also played a handful of shows at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas in March 2007.

Eisley turned in their second album to Warner Brothers on April 7, 2007. On April 23, 2007, the Dallas Morning News announced that the album will be called Combinations. It received positive reviews across the board, and displayed a sincere growth in the performing and writing style of the band. They continued to tour extensively over the course of the next two years, also making many television and festival appearances.

In early 2009, the band announced that they had begun work on a new album, but before the LP could be finalized, the band parted ways with label home Warner Brothers. Almost a year later, Eisley announed that they had signed with indie label Equal Vision Records.

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Album Title Year Label
Laughing City EP2003Record Collection
Marvelous Things EP2003Reprise Records
Room Noises2005Reprise Records
Telescope Eyes EP2005Reprise Records
Head Against The Sky EP2005Reprise Records
Final Noise EP2006Reprise Records
Combinations2007Reprise Records
Like The Actors2007Reprise Records
Fire Kite EP2009Reprise Records
Eisley Family Christmas2010Independent
The Valley2011Equal Vision Records
Deep Space2012Equal Vision Records





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