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eleventyseven started playing shows during high school at clubs in their hometown, and it took several years to gain the attention of Flicker Records (Pillar, Kids In The Way). Though it was never eleventyseven ’s motivation to be a national touring band, the opportunity came naturally as a response to the genuine buzz surrounding them. The band wants to share with kids what they themselves experienced while listening to music as youth, and eleventyseven will take any opportunity to play anywhere as long as it gives them a chance to change hearts.

"I used to sneak rock music into my parents' house because I wasn’t allowed to listen to it. But it was those bands, those albums that changed my life. Bands like the Ramones, Weezer, and Joy Electric." says lead vocalist of Greenville, South Carolina pop/punk trio Matthew Langston," I remember going to shows when I was younger and how it made me feel. How those shows gave me such a great lift from my problems and concerns. I told myself that someday I would do that for someone else. If my mistakes or thoughts or a song we wrote can help kids see past the temporary things of this life to the truths of the Eternal, then I have accomplished everything I set out to do."

Langston and his band mates, though barely old enough to vote, are very resolved about their purpose. They want to laugh whenever possible. They want to make light of themselves and their experiences. And they want the healing power of joy to infect everyone around them. Though this lighthearted mentality is similar to many bands in the pop/punk genre, it is the heart of eleventyseven that sets them apart; beneath the laughter lies a sincere passion to affect lasting change in the lives of kids.

“Our music makes fun of almost everything. I look back at experiences I‘ve had, realize what a ‘loser’ I was, and I have a huge laugh. No one is really that cool, and we want people to learn to take themselves less seriously. But joking aside, we’re very serious about our purpose. One of the major life themes adopted by this band is learning from our own mistakes. I have made many. And the weight of that is enough to drive me out of my mind sometimes. If I didn’t laugh, if I didn’t learn to live with joy in forgiveness, I would probably end up miserable."

By 2011, the band was independent and still going strong.

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Album Title Year Label
and the land of fake believe2006Flicker Records
Galactic Conquest2007Flicker Records
Adventures In Eville2009Off The Square Records
Sugarfist2011Rock Candy Recordings




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United States

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