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Go to any city in the country, even around the world, and you will find it; from LA to New York or London to Japan, its there; hip-hop. One of, if not the most prevalent and influential forms of music around today. Out of Chester, Pennsylvania, (just south of Philadelphia) come some young guys bringing hip-hop with a difference; turning it on its head in order to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Everyday Process (Mac The Doulos and Iz-Real) is on a mission. That mission is to use hip-hop as a means to an end, and that end being impacting people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Especially those that normally wouldn't set foot in a spiritual setting like church. “Music is just a vehicle for us. It’s simple; hip hop is a genre of music with mass appeal. It’s another way to move a vital message to the masses. We see it as an extremely effective method. This music draws so much attention and reaches so many ears. Agendas and propaganda can be pushed through it. So we use it as a platform to say what we need to say because it’s definitely what people need to hear. This is bigger than music. We want to put people on to the truth. And not just general truth, but rather the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Through the influence of this music medium, they strive to enlighten the Christian and non-Christian alike, particularly those that can relate and are sometimes deeply engulfed in the hip-hop culture; showing others that they don’t don’t have to retreat from their own culture, but rather that Christ is relevant in their culture as well, and God desires us to reach those that we can really relate to. Yes, even in hip hop culture.

Everyday Process wants to paint an accurate picture of God and let that shine in any culture because God transcends all that there is. Beginning to form in 1997, the seeds were sown for individuals with zeal to bring a new consciousness to people. People who many times don’t appropriately acknowledge their Creator or respect and understand His brilliant master plan through Jesus Christ.

Everyday Process considers themselves God’s ambassadors and His representatives to these people (II Cor. 5:20). Everyday Process understands their generation and culture. Having been themselves immersed in the culture, they understand that for many that are into hip-hop, it is often a way of life. They feel a sense of urgency to get this vital message out. A no-compromise message using hip-hop’s own magnetism to spread the truth everywhere. In churches, in the streets and on corners, or where ever it needs to go.

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Album Title Year Label
Truth Or Lie?2005Independent
Everyday Process: The Process of Illumination & Elimination2007Cross Movement Records
Outtadisworld2009Cross Movement Records
Truth Or Lie? Volume 22009Independent





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