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Aaron Sprinkle's latest endeavor Fair, birthed out of his solo project’s most recent backing band and into a fully collaborative effort.  Nick Barber, Erick Newbill and Joey Sanchez join Aaron Sprinkle in Fair to create a straight ahead merge of brilliantly crafted melodies and dynamic rock songwriting in  its 2006 Tooth & Nail debut The Best Worst-Case Scenario.

The results shine through on the debut Fair record, which is anchored by the first two cuts “Monday” and “The Attic.” The first mixes melancholy textures and melodic swells, eventually exploding with infectious power chords and a contagious chorus. The latter is also loaded with sublime riffs and glowing harmonies, but also abounds in the hook department. Additional crests include “Get You Out Alive” (which features one time Superdrag singer John Davis) along with “Unglued” (backed by the members of Eisley).

Aside from the  stylistic accessibilityof  The Best Worst-Case Scenario, its lyrical content comes backed by Fair's goal of connecting with listeners. And that’s certainly achieved, in instances of general life lessons and daily situations to the band’s personal accounts of growth and grappling.

“We’re kind of relating what people go through good or bad and trying to always give that glimpse of hope,” Aaron Sprinkle observes. “Each song has its own personality [and] hopefully the music will speak for itself.  It’s been a really good response so far and people have really like what they’ve been hearing. We’ve put a lot of energy into performing them and we’re having a blast.”

“I feel like all four of us have a freedom in [Fair] like we’ve never had before,” summarizes Aaron Sprinkle. “There’s no pressure of making it or impressing any sort of industry or corporate environment. [Fair] is 100% from the heart and there’s no cloud hanging over us. If it doesn’t blow up then what are we going to do? Our motives are maybe a little more pure and real than trying to make it.”

The name Aaron Sprinkle is synonymous with a slew of prominent projects, from his time in the influential Poor Old Lu to a string of solo releases and a vast list of production credits. Even though he’s spent most of his time in the studio as of late (working with the diverse likes of Pedro the Lion, Acceptance, Emery, Anberlin and Damien Jurado) the creative juices have continued to flow with Fair and his own solo proejcts . Fair's follow-up to The Best Worst-Case Scenario, entitled Disappearing World, has been in the works since the end of 2007 and was  released in early 2010.  In the four years between that underground blockbuster The Best Worst-Case Scenario and the brand new Disappearing World, Fair haven't just refined that celebrated formula, but threw some musical and lyrical curve balls into the already alluring atmosphere.

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Album Title Year Label
The Best Worst-Case Scenario2007Tooth & Nail Records
Disappearing World2010Tooth & Nail Records





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