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There’s a delicate balance between the intertwining worlds of artistry, entertainment and humor, but for dance-derived alternative rockers Family Force 5, it’s an ecstatic equilibrium that remarkably illustrates all three elements. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the Atlanta-based five-some are just as likely to get the party started as they are to escort audiences into an alternate reality. Even so, Family Force 5 never compromises album creativity, while simultaneously hearkening back to the days of massive spectacles on tour.

“Listening to Family Force 5 is like lighting a cluster of firecrackers in your mouth,” offers guitarist Derek Mount (known to fans as Chap Stique). What it would be like ifPrince getting down at a Daft Punk concert where Michael Jackson busts out the moonwalk in the center of the dance floor.

Fans will have to fight to survive during a Family Force 5 live show, an unrelenting rush of delightfully uncontainable madness that has become Family Force 5’s bread and butter. “We encourage fans to dress up in costumes, whether it be a killer whale, a big chicken or a Skeletor outfit,“ urges Chap Stique. “Family Force 5 realizes that most people think rock n’ roll is about trying to be cool, but to us, there’s nothing cooler than when people let go and end up stealing the show by break dancing in helmets or body-slamming each other in Lucha Libre masks.”

Placing their lives and relationships at risk, the members of Family Force 5 have committed themselves to an arduous touring schedule, averaging 250 to 300 days on the road per year.  In addition to members thrashing the stage wearing matching futuristic spacesuits, expect to see the Family Force 5000, a massive drum machine they personally invented that, at first glance, looks more like the next NASA launch computer than it does a musical instrument.

“It is the only fully-functional giant drum machine in the universe. It's a six-and-a-half-foot tall, 760-pound juggernaut of pads, knobs, and switches that inhales electricity and exhales lightning,” announces Soul Glow Activatur. “The Family Force 5000 started as a joke three years ago. Then we mentioned it to a friend, who happens to be a wizard in electronics, and he was able to bring our sci-fi idea to life. The fact that we have a huge, light-up, chunky machine on stage is pretty cool, and it adds to the robotic rock element of this season.”

Even with all the joyous insanity stemming from Family Force 5’s camp during the two years between projects (which also included first place in Yahoo’s “Who’s Next?,” several Energizer-sponsored extended slots on last summer’s Warped outing and countless reader’s choice awards), the eclectic quintet also persevered and endured through many adversities. Amidst tough financial times, the toil of the road, and label limbo, the band's grassroots fan base and determined work ethic fueled its highly storied course.

Armed with a do-it-yourself paradigm and a diversified entertainment enterprise, Family Force 5 is primed for intergalactic conquest. “'Dance or Die' is an unconventional arsenal of ultimate dance floor anthems,” declares Family Force 5000 player/keyboardist Nathan Currin (Nadaddy). “We're at war. Dancing is our weapon, and our party is ready to pull the trigger.”

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Album Title Year Label
Family Force 52005Maverick Records
Business Up Front Party In The Back (Diamond Edition)2006Gotee Records
Dance or Die2008Tooth & Nail Records
Dance or Die with a Vengeance2009Tooth & Nail Records
Family Force 5's Christmas Pageant2009Tooth & Nail Records
III2011Transparent Media Group
III2012Tooth & Nal Records





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