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The rock music landscape is littered with pre-fabricated poseurs putting on their silliest clothes and making their stupidest faces with a complete lack of genuine emotion. Imagine a band without gimmicks, made up of regular people writing and performing honest music. Sound crazy?

Then you haven't heard Far-Less. Sounding unashamedly modern while retaining a foot in the 90s heyday of Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden, Far-Less have fully come into their own from their humble Virginia beginnings.

Singer Brandon Welch and his Far-Less mates - Jordan Powers (guitar/vocals), Mark Karsten (guitar), Joseph Powers (bass), Elizabeth Pina (keyboards), and Todd Turner (drums) - make music that is relevant, honest and powerful. And they have succeeded. "The best part about music is when it makes you feel something, when it moves you," says Welch.

It was with that in mind that Brandon Welch wrote So Glad the first song for the Far-Less album,  "A Toast to Bad Taste." "It's an album about the things that bring us down. The things in our society that hold us back and the people in our lives that show no respect or love for us, or anyone. It's the most personal piece of art I have ever been involved with," he explains.

Like Elvis Costello or The Clash, Far-Less can write a straight-forward radio jam ("It's Not Me, It's You") without sounding corny, and immediately about face and offer up something layered and intricately pleasing.

Far-Less is on a mission to become your favorite band, but on their own terms, and their terms alone. "I would hope that at the end of our career people would say that we made music that moved them," Welch says, adding: "And that we made music that jammed." Only two albums in, it's safe to stake both claims already.

Far-less announced that they were going on indefinite hiatus in May 21, 2009.

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Album Title Year Label
Broken Hearts Unite (Re-Issue)2003Silent Uproar Records
Turn to the Bright2004Tooth & Nail Records
Everyone Is Out to Get Us2006Tooth & Nail Records
A Toast to Bad Taste2007Tooth & Nail Records
The Headache EP2009Tooth & Nail Records





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Tooth & Nail

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