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Anthony Flagg Jr., also known as Fedel, was born in Memphis, Tennesssee in 1982. He has lived in five different states (Tennessee, South Carolina, Michigan, Oklahoma and Mississippi) since he was born.

Despite growing up a preacher’s kid, the Memphis bred emcee is no paperweight. Just listen to him talk about shopping at the thrift store for clothes, even through high school. Watch him as he relives tales of abuse from a father who was one thing in the pulpit, and another at home. Look in his eyes as he recalls the shooting of a young girl who was a friend of his, a victim of gang violence and brutality, right on his block, and wonder how else a man who’s now shared stages with the likes of Canton Jones, Pillar, KJ52, Stellar Kart, and Flame could come out alive and on God’s side. He had to fight and has gone from a hothead in the streets of the New Chicago ghettos in Memphis, to being nominated “Best Christian Act” in Tulsa’s Spot Awards, a number one song in “Tell a Friend,” and the top selling single and a top ten video in “Walk it Like I’m Changed” Fedel stands at the pinnacle of his career. Having to overcome depression, suicidal thoughts, and abuse is what makes him extremely grateful and also extremely accessible to the people he makes his music for.

“I feel like I make music to help pull people out of their lowest spots.” Fedel says, “Like I had a pastor tell me he had a friend who was dealing with depression; and he was like ‘I know the Word but there were sometimes all I could do was lay back and listen to (this song I got called “Keep On”) and that’s what got me through. I knew all the scriptures but that song helped me get through.’ And there were songs that did me like that. ”

And the rest of the Christian Hip-Hop community is catching on. With a blend of east coast inspired lyricism and homegrown catchy, southern hooks, Fedel can be found rocking crowds of up to 5,000, from mental homes, to clubs, to detention centers with his live band, exuding the bravado of a man who has confronted and defeated his past, and now looks forward to his future.

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Growing Pains Mixtape2006Fedelity Music
I Live2008Fedelity Music
Club David2011Fedelity Music





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