Fit For A King


Metalcore,Mosh,Melodic Hardcore

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In these hard times, we are all thirsting for answers. Although there are many answers in the world, there is only one true way. That way is through Jesus Christ. This one truth is what drove the six friends/musicians of Fit For A King to this Christ following band. Passion for their savior is the sole principle for creating and performing their music, and they are compelled to extend the message of Christ in all aspects of their lives day in and day out.

In the fall of 2007, Fit For A King came into existence with the common interest of creating a unique way to share the good news of their savior the best way they knew how. A few months after forming, the band had already recorded three demos, and played several successful shows. They soon released their debut self titled EP. This gave the world a taste of the passion that resonated throughout the entire group. The debut EP was unmistakably an indication that more great things could be expected of the sextet. The band quickly established a fan base that accumulated throughout the United States and Europe. Obstacles were no stranger to the group along the way, but these hardships only strengthened and matured them spiritually and musically to carry out their mission.

The winter of 2008 made way for the group’s second EP titled Awaken The Vesper. The entirety of the EP clearly portrayed that Fit For A King was here to stay.

By attending one of their shows, it is not hard to witness the joy and passion that exists in Fit For A King on the stage and off. No one is quite certain what the future holds for Fit For A King, but one can be confident that this group will stop at nothing to make the good news of Jesus Christ known to mankind the best way they know how.


Album Title Year Label
Fit For A King EP2007Independent
Awaken The Vesper2008Independent
Creation/Destruction2013Solid State Records





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