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Since the year 2000, Flatfoot 56 have steadily unleashed a rollicking barrage of Celtic punk and folk-tinged hardcore from the South Side of Chicago to an international audience with intense and positive party-like energy.

Led by spirited front man Tobin Bawinkel (Vocals/Guitar), along with brothers Justin (Drums), and Kyle (Bass), and multi-instrumentalist Eric McMahon (Bagpipes/Mandolin), the band is fueled by a sense of camaraderie that directly translates to their die-hard fans and highly energetic live shows. "We really try to create a positive environment every time we play so people feel comfortable and can let loose. It's an experience that everyone is a part of," explains Tobin.

While other bands run the risk of turning their message into overbearing banter from high on the soapbox, Flatfoot 56 remain true to their ability to convey the profound all while allowing fans to get lost in the sheer energy of the music. The band’s multi-faceted approach to their craft, both in substance and in presentation, ensures that from the novice to the die-hard fan, everyone walks away with a reason to come back. After ten years of tour vans, dive bars, late nights, diverse crowds, broken bones, blood, sweat, and tears, Flatfoot 56 offers sincere semblance of the tradition behind the music. When you have a reason to sing, you will sing louder. And when you have a reason to dance, you will bring the house down brick by brick.

Flatfoot 56’s live experience also features an improvised set list, an array of seamless instrument juggling (from guitar to mandolin and bagpipes and back around again)

The band’s sonic arsenal, which includes classic rough-and-tumble albums Knuckles Up and Jungle Of The Midwest Sea, captures both the nostalgia of brass tacks street punk and hardcore as well as inspiration taken from traditional Celtic folk. Within this musical fury, Flatfoot 56 attacks dark and pressing subject matter—avarice, strength, faithlessness, courage, and cowardice—that speaks volumes of the values and principles on which the band was founded.

The band's latest album, Black Thorn, was released on Old Shoe Records in the United States, Stomp Records in Canada, and I Hate People Records in Europe in 2010.

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Album Title Year Label
Rumble Of 562002Fat Calf Records
The Waves Of War2003The Flat Foot Records
Knuckles Up2006Flicker Records
Jungle of the Midwest Sea2007Flicker Records
Black Thorn2010Old Shoe Records
I Believe It EP 2012Paper + Plastick Records
Toil2012Paper + Plastick Records





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Paper + Plastick Records

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