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What’s the difference between FM Static and Thousand Foot Krutch? Singer-songwriter Trevor McNevan and drummer Steve Augustine lead both bands, but the former is a side project to the latter. In fact, the public has shown center-stage love for each act’s efforts, from FM Static’s summery punk-pop to Thousand Foot Krutch’s more autumnal, metallic rock.

More than anything, having two names makes it easier to take some fun creative chances. Like pursuing the idea for a concept album where every lyric is the innermost thought of a soul-searching teenager, Trevor McNevan knew 2009's Dear Diary was a perfect job for FM Static. No doubt FM Static listeners—by and large a student audience—are enthralled with the spot-on relatable happenings and character confessions of Dear Diary, a project whose special story can only be unlocked as it happens, from song one to song ten.


In the Weezer-like stomp, “Man Whatcha Doin?” the boy meets a homeless philosopher who helps straighten out his thoughts about money and happiness. It’s a well-placed moment of fun just before FM Static takes the album’s concept goes much deeper.

“The Voyage of Beliefs” is Dear Diary’s crossroads, a gripping indie rock duet between Trevor McNevan and Superchick’s Tricia Brock where the characters both step up in faith, proclaiming a belief in God that is their own, not just the one their families have handed down. And, oh, how they need it for what happens next.

Up to this point, FM Static’s Dear Diary would already be unique enough for its concept and catchiness, but the next arc of songs turns the album into something truly remarkable. Without warning, the girl’s dad kills himself, an event that leaves our boy asking why everyone we love still lets us down in the cinematic quietness of “Her Father’s Song.”

Although Dear Diary is a work of fiction, Trevor McNevan says, “the songs reflect thoughts me and my friends all had growing up. And there’s a lot of me in the more serious songs toward the end.” What listeners can ultimately expect is a rocking, melodically-charged coming-of-age story that somehow combines the creative vibe of independent films like Juno and Napoleon Dynamite, a dash of High School Musical charm, and the altogether rare element of uncensored faith.

It was definitely worth McNevan writing about, and definitely worth a close listen.

FM Static's first CD, What Are You Waiting For? featured the singles "Definitely Maybe", "Something to Believe In", and "Crazy Mary."  FM Static released their second album entitled Critically Ashamed, which featured the single "Waste of Time.  By the time of their second release FM Static became a two-piece band with studio musicians filling in for the other parts. While Critically Ashamed featured only the single "Waste of Time," the songs "Tonight" and "Moment of Truth" went on to become huge unadvertised internet hits, as well as hits on some radio stations.

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Album Title Year Label
What Are You Waiting For?2003Tooth & Nail Records
Critically Ashamed2006Tooth & Nail Records
Dear Diary2009Tooth & Nail Records
My Brain Says Stop But My Head Says Go2011Tooth & Nail Records





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