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For a band constantly tested by obstacles, this devotion is what has led them through their six-year existence. Begun in their hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida, the group was formed fusing the intense and intricate stylings of hardcore (crafted so skillfully by these former Strongarm and Shai Hulud members), with delicate melodies, creating a grand juxtaposition of sound that flows naturally.

Though their sound and quality for musical composition has remained consistent over the years, one thing that has been anything but is the band's front-man position. Originally led by Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional) in their impressive debut release The Moon is Down, the line-up quickly altered following his departure with the addition of Jason Gleason for their follow-up sophomore release, How to Start a Fire. Where Carrabba's vocals showcased the frailty and vulnerability of human emotion, Gleason's more intense style combined with the band's continuing evolution led listeners through a confection of aggressions, victories, and defeats equally as emphatic as delicate when set to music.

But just as fans were growing accustomed to the member change and Further Seems Forever's third release was entering the preliminary stages of recording, differences within the group led to Gleason's exit and the inclusion of Sense Field vocalist Jon Bunch. They released Hide Nothing with Bunch on vocals.

In 2005, the band announced that they would going on a indefinite hiatus due to member changes and difficulties touring.

In 2010, Further Seems Forever reunited with original vocalist Chris Carraba along with the entire original line-up that recorded The Moon Is Down nearly ten years prior. The band signed with Rise Records and released Penny Black in 2012.

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Album Title Year Label
From The 27th State EP1999Takehold Records
Moon Is Down2001Tooth & Nail Records
How To Start A Fire2003Tooth & Nail Records
Hide Nothing2004Tooth & Nail Records
Hope Against Hope EP2005Tooth & Nail Records
Hope This Finds You Well2006Tooth & Nail Records
Final Curtain 2007Tooth & Nail Records
Penny Black2012Rise Records



Pompano Beach


United States

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