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From San Diego, California, the band Future of Forestry draws their name from the title of a C.S Lewis poem. Veering from the saturated and homogenous pop culture, the band has cast out into deeper waters to draw from the essence of life in music.

Frontman Eric Owyoung, and guitarist Nick Maybury, both formerly of Something Like Silas, started Future of Forestry in 2005 with bassist Luke Floeter and drummer Spencer Kim. Since then, the band has been a constant on the West Coast scene, securing fans from their hometown to Seattle and everywhere in between as they recorded and prepared for the release of their debut LP.

Recorded in 2006 with producer Ken Andrews (Pete Yorn, Failure, Mae), Twilight showed a band with great chops pushing the boundaries of pop music; unafraid of ambient, instrumental breaks but always ready with a guitar-laden hook. Owyoung studied music conducting, voice leading in particular, at Boston University to which he credits his song writing style to. "I think a certain way when I'm writing parts," Owyoung said. "I want to make sure that everything in the song has a place to go, not just the melody. I think it really shapes our music."

Future Of Forestry quickly made a name for themselves following the release of their debut album Twilight, taking fans on a musical journey with their bright optimism from sunny southern California mixed with their epic, sweeping euro-rock sound that has left fans wanting more from the group. On May 5th, Future Of Forestry unveiled the next step in the journey with Travel, songs that will provoke contemplation, encourage day-dreaming, and deepen perspective on all things beautiful…sure to be a fan favorite and a perfect opener for a travel series we will definitely be hearing more of throughout 2009.

The first of three 6-song travel themed collections coming from the sonically spacious Future Of Forestry arrived in May 0f 2009. Travel combined the intelligent rock ‘n roll fans have come to love from Future Of Forestry with thought provoking lyrics delivering a creative and vast experience to a listener.

The second installment of the Travel series hit the market in September of 2009, with the third and final EP to follow soon after.

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Album Title Year Label
Future of Forestry EP2006Credential Recordings
Twilight2007Credential Recordings
Advent Christmas EP2008Credential Recordings
Travel EP2009Credential Recordings
Travel II EP2009Credential Recordings
Travel III EP2010Credential Recordings
Advent Christmas EP, Vol. 22010Credential Recordings



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