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Possessing little more than a deep, gravelly voice and a three-song demo produced by a childhood friend, an avid outdoorsman left the comfort of his Michigan home and the security of the family business to pursue the long-shot of making it in Nashville’s music industry. Twenty-two years and sixteen albums later Geoff Moore can look back now knowing he made the right choice, hearing God’s voice through the clamor of life. But even after all this time, Moore maintains a steady conviction to work hard at making great music.

Geoff Moore grew up in Flint, Michigan. His father was a retired player for the Toledo Mudhens, a minor league baseball team. After retiring from baseball, Moore's father ran a steel fabrication plant and expected that his son would one day succeed him in the business. Moore went as far as to study business administration at a Christian college, but soon found that it wasn't for him.

He moved to Nashville, where he worked as a salesman at a men's clothing store, wrote songs, and dreamed of making his living as a musician. He got his chance when he landed a job writing songs at Paragon Music, a Christian music publishing company that wrote songs for established artists. At Paragon, Moore met Christian singer-songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman. When Chapman had heard a demo tape on which Moore had recorded "Built to Last," one of Chapman's songs, he was impressed. The two, who have since become the best of friends, went on to write many songs together, including the Dove Awardwinning "Great Adventure." As Moore told Susan Hogan/Albach in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Even the songs we've written together have been an outgrowth of our friendship more than it has been a business partnership."

Moore had grown up listening to the secular rock music of John Cougar Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, and others, so it was only natural that he write and play Christian rock. He saw it as a way to reach people who might not ordinarily listen to Christian music. So, in the mid-1980s, Moore founded the band Geoff Moore and the Distance. The lineup included Roscoe Meek on guitar, Gary Mullett on bass, Geof Barkley on keyboards, and Chuck Conner on drums.

Meanwhile, Moore continued to work with Chapman, contributing to his debut album First Hand in 1987 and cowriting several tunes—including the titles track—on Great Adventure, Chapman's 1992 release. That album went on to win Dove Awards for Best Pop/Contemporary Album, Song of the Year, Best Pop/Contemporary Song, and Best Short Form Video in 1993.

Geoff Moore and the Distance released several more albums during the 1990s, including 1993's Evolution, on which Greg Herrington replaced Chuck Conner on drums. Evolution turns the scientific theory of evolution on its head in the first track by redefining it as the power God has to change one's life. This track is followed by a cover of the 1970 rock hit "I Can See Clearly Now." The album also features a cover of Christian rock music founder Larry Norman's "Why Should the Devil (Have All the Good Music)," a song that has become one of Moore's most popular concert tunes.

With his band the Distance, Christian rock vocalist and songwriter Geoff Moore scored four Grammy Award nominations for Best Rock Gospel Album and several Gospel Music Association Dove Awards during the 1990s. Moore disbanded the Distance in 1998 to lighten his touring schedule and to make albums on his own. The result was the self-titled release Geoff Moore in 1999 , inspired by rock music and his Christian faith, Moore continues to spread the word of God through heartfelt, crowdpleasing songs.

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Album Title Year Label
Where are the Other Nine?1984Power Discs
Over the Edge1986Power Discs
The Distance1987Power Discs
A Place to Stand 1988Sparrow Records
Foundations1989Sparrow Records
Pure And Simple1990Forefront Records
Friend Like U1992Forefront Records
Evolution1993Forefront Records
Home Run1995Forefront Records
Threads1997Forefront Records
Geoff Moore1999Forefront Records
Beautiful Sound2002Forefront Records
Every Single One Part I2005Independent
Every Single One Part II2005Independent
Speak To Me2007Rocketown Records
Saying Grace2011Simpleville Music





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