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With the years of songwriting, coupled with the energy of his six children, Glen Clark and the Family's musical hodgepodge sounds like Tribal/Country meets Gospel/Bluegrass. Birthed as a jam-band out of early alternative rock, and shaped on the road doing concerts at biker rallies and hippie festivals, their sound has become a journey from rock & pop to distinctive and organic worship music. Glen Clark and the Family are at a whole new musical level with lots of surprises to get you on board!

Called to the ministry but rejected by the church, this left Glen Clark on a journey as a singer/songwriter starting a club scene known for it's spawning of many death metal bands that is now 150,000 to 200,000 people partying on weekends in Ybor City, Florida. A drastic conversion experience would bring Glen Clark from Satan worship music back to Jesus. Then Glen Clark was told he would have to decide whether his new born son would live or die. Glen Clark cried to God asking Him to keep his son alive.  Glen Clark promised to do whatever He said the rest of my life.

This began a walk of obedience.  Through this, God made radical changes in Glen Clark's life. He began to play music for the handicapped, wrote a song that would become a video that would become a video album, then nominated for a Dove Award. But feeling a call to the handicapped, broken, drug addicts, homeless and poor, Glen Clark chose to leave CCM for richer pastures in the streets. Then for 15 years traveling U.S. to the darkest and dirtiest places to bring a message of Hope, God created a ministry.

Five years ago, Glen Clark's son Beau had to have a major surgery. This would require 3 months recovery as they would break his face and mount a "halo" to his head and then we would screw his face forward til it got in the right position. God said to get him a keyboard to give him something to look forward to and to help him through surgery. Beau taught himself to play, then he taught himself my songs. And to make a long story short, this tremendously handicapped child that doctors said to let die for he would only live to a year old and then only to be a vegetable. At 13 years old, Beau built the band The Family. He wanted to play music with his Daddy, so he taught his brothers and sisters to play and sing. A true miracle. So, Glen Clark did not argue with God and here they are 5 years later. Geln Clark & The Family are a true miracle of God.


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