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Gorilla Warfare is a 5 man hardcore band out of the Nashville and Clarksville areas of TN formed in early 2004. They play a heavy, east coast style of hardcore and have been pushing forward since playing their first show in February of 2005.Musically Gorilla Warfare draws influences from bands like Blood For Blood, Madball,Biohazard,Slapshot,Agnostic Front & a lot of other classic Hardcore and punk bands. Gorilla Warfare is a faith driven band and 3 members are brothers, Matt Wade on vocals, Brett Wade on Rhythm Guitar, and Jeff Wade on Drums, along with Dan Ellis (honorary bro) on bass guitar & Nate Hartley on lead guitar.

Gorilla Warfare likes to incorporate military imagery into their lyrics, artwork and appearance in part to symbolize the idea that we are all at war with this life and the corrupt world we live in from the moment we are born until the moment we die. This war is fought within our hearts, our minds, and our soul and is a battle of principals and ideas. Talk is cheap and Gorilla Warfare prides themselves on backing up every word they speak. We consider ourselves to be a band that represents blue collar working class values and the punk rock D.I.Y. ethics this music was founded on.

Gorilla Warfare recorded a 6 song demo in 2006 that was well received by many. The demo led to them signing to the Independent label Wounded Records, who released our debut full length CD The Battlefields in the summer of 2007. They played Cornerstone Fest and played shows throughout the South and Midwest states during 2007 to support the CD release. Late December 2007 and early January of 2008 we recorded a 5 song demo CD which they gave away to anybody who bought a T-shirt or full length CD from us this year. Gorilla Warfare is currently working on writing new music and plan on recording again(probably an EP) in the next few months. The newest CD is tentatively titled Keep On Smiling.

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Album Title Year Label
2006 Demo2006Independent
The Battlefields2007Wounded Records
2007 Demo2007Independent





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