Great Awakening

Praise, Worship & Hymns

Atmospheric Rock,Folk,Progressive

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A strongly bonded group of friends in North Carolina recognized the power of worship and strove to create a conducive atmosphere lathered in Christ’s presence. They soon found themselves standing before their youth group each week, leading a group of 40 students in song. Unexpectedly, that group grew to 200. God was moving and He was moving fast. As their friendships deepened and they grew together spiritually, the band decided to write their own worship songs. Not for a label or a concert, but simply to express their personal love for the Lord.

Now called Great Awakening, the brothers in Christ continue to operate with the same humility, honesty and depth that brought them together.

As a band, Zach Janicello (guitar/vocals), Cole Johnson (guitar/vocals), Ben Woods (bass) and Tanner Johnson (drums), have grown exponentially since they released Cities in 2009. Their sophomore endeavor, a record housing 10 tracks, was released as a free download through Come&Live!. Songs in Secret exists to cultivate face-to-face conversations with the Lord in a secluded and highly intimate environment. Great Awakening wrote each lyric from their hearts as they put to music the words they speak in secret.

In addition to developing musically, the guys have learned to recognize and embrace their ability to please God via worship. “We’re figuring out who we are as worshippers made uniquely in the image of God,” says Cole. “We’re just singing love songs to Jesus in the way that we actually talk to Him. We hope this leads people into a deeper love with Him.”

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