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The five young men in Phoenix, Arizona’s post-hardcore outfit Greeley Estates have accomplished the near-impossible in their brief time together thus far – when the band formed in late 2002, none of the three original members (vocalist Ryan Zimmerman, guitarists Dallas Smith and Brandon Hackenson) had been in a band before; a little more than a year later, Greeley Estates had earned a cult following that stretched from Arizona’s Valley of the Sun to the listening parties at Austin’s South by Southwest conference, and released a slickly produced and packaged album, Outside of This, to wide acclaim.

Perhaps Greeley Estates most distinctive contribution to the post-hardcore pantheon is its infectious positivity – even the most wrenching tales of lost love are, in the end, optimistic. “If we can do something with our music that has an effect on people's lives in the limited time that we're here, and able to make that effect a positive one, we just feel very blessed for the opportunity to make that happen,” Hackenson says.

With a dynamic style reflecting numerous musical backgrounds, Greeley Estates captures the audience and sears a lasting impression. Stripped to its core, the musical foundation reflects catchy melody and pop sensibility infinitely amplified by a hardcore edge and intense vocals.

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Album Title Year Label
Outside of This2004Independent
Caveat Emptor2005Record Collection
Far from the Lies2006Record Collection
Go West Young Man, Let the Evil Go East2008Science Records
No Rain, No Rainbow2010Tragic Hero Records





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Tragic Hero Records

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