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Guardian is best known as a Christian rock band that came to prominence in the 1990’s. During their heyday, the band released six studio albums, three additional albums in Spanish—as well as numerous live releases, compilations and special projects. The band toured the world extensively from 1989 to 1999, primarily with the same lineup of vocalist Jamie Rowe, guitarist Tony Palacios, bassist David Bach, and drummer Karl Ney.

Guardian was originally formed in 1982 by guitarist/vocalist Paul Cawley and bassist David Bach in Santa Ana, California. Originally named Fusion, the band was joined by drummer Rikk Hart in 1984 and released an independent EP called Rock In Victory that caught the attention of Enigma Records, which signed the band to a record contract in 1985.

The band then changed their name to Guardian and added guitarist Tony Palacios in 1986. After extensive shows on the competitive Los Angeles club circuit, the band recorded their official debut album, First Watch with producer Oz Fox (Stryper) in 1988, with the album releasing on Enigma in 1989.

The band toured worldwide for the next year, which saw the departure of Cawley and Hart and the entrance of drummer Karl Ney and vocalist Jamie Rowe. Guardian released their sophomore album Fire and Love (1991) with this new lineup on a new label called Pakaderm, founded by producers John and Dino Elefante. Guardian recorded two more albums with the Elefante’s; Miracle Mile (1992) and Swing Swang Swung (1994) before signing with Myrrh Records in their new home base of Nashville, TN, and recording the album Buzz (1995) with producer Steve Taylor and also releasing their first Spanish album Nunca Te Dire Adios that same year.

The band would release another Taylor-produced album Bottle Rocket (1997) and another Spanish release Promesa (1998) before the departure of founding member Bach. The band continued touring and recorded a third Spanish album Dime (2001) as well as releasing several compilations and special projects.

Guardian regrouped occasionally over the next few years for international shows and both Palacios and Rowe released solo projects. In 2009, Bach, Palacios, Ney and Rowe officially reunited and added guitarist Jamey Perrenot…and House of Guardian was born!

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Album Title Year Label
Rock In Victory EP1984Independent
First Watch1989Enigma Records
Fire And Love1991Pakaderm Records
Miracle Mile1993Word Records
Swing Swang Swung1994Word Records
Buzz1995Myrrh Records
Nunca Te Diré Adiós1995Myrrh Records
Kingdom Of Rock1996Independent
Bottle Rocket1997Word Records
Promesa1997Word Records
Delicious Bite-Size Meat Pies1997Independent
The Yellow and Black Attack Is Back!1999Independent
Sunday Best1999Independent
Guardian Live!2000Independent
Live At Cornerstone2001Independent
Dime2001Vida Music
Voyager and Fusion: The Early Years2001Independent





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