Hope For The Dying


Death Metal,Black Metal,Metalcore


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For the past two years, Jonesboro, IL band Hope For The Dying has been doing things their way and getting the job done. When Josh, James, Jack, Jacob and Brice pile into their van and hit the road for their DIY tours, their single-minded tenacity takes over. The band's doggedness has propelled them through grueling DIY tours in support of their self-titled album Hope For The Dying, including 8 shows in 6 days at the 2008 Cornerstone Music Festival. The band's craving to win "the battle for metal supremacy" demands that they carry on even in the worst of traveling circumstances, which can sometimes mean below-freezing temperatures without a working heater. Hope for the Dying have a love of their craft that catapults them out of their local scene and has them "constantly traveling the land in search of new places to conquer.

With models ranging from Iron Maiden and Queensryche to Unearth and All That Remains, the members boast the "bringing together of influences as vast as the seven seas, ranging from the metal of years past to the modern kings of metal that reign today." By combining their superior individual abilities and unique musicianship to produce the 80s influenced progressive metal fans have come to expect, Hope For The Dying prove the sincerity behind their determination to push forward into previously uncharted territory.

Hope For The Dying have been touring extensively to support their new Self-Titled Strike First debut album in 2009.

In late 2010, the band announced that they had signed with Facedown Records.

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Album Title Year Label
Hope for the Dying2009Strike First Records
Dissimulation2011Facedown Records
Aletheia2013Facedown Records





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