I Built The Cross


Deathcore,Grindcore,Black Metal


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I Built The Cross is Christian metal from Gardnerville, Nevada. The band mixes together technical death metal and grinding deathcore, to create a sound that is at once intense, punishing and divinely inspired.

I Built The Cross was formed during the summer of 2008 by two long time-time friends and ex-members of the popular death metal band Disfiguring the Goddess. As friends, Reed and Gare have been closer than brothers since before either of them can remember, and as musicians, they've been working together for the last several years. Although they have been involved in musical projects spanning various different genres all across the board, they claim that death metal is the only form of musical expression that can truly make their hearts, minds, and desires most tangible.

I Built The Cross is a Christ-centered, spirit-led technical death metal band with a driven and distinguishable purpose: spread Jesus' name to an audience of people in a music scene that is generally stereotyped as "evil." To them, musicians aren't defined by the music they play, rather, it is the other way around. As a whole, I Built The Cross is ultimately concerned with clarifying the unconditional love of Jesus - the Savior, the Friend, the Father.


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Bridging the Gap Between Mind and Heart2009Open Grave Records





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