In Irons


Metalcore,Mosh,Tuff Guy

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In Irons formed in the Fall of 2006 from the remains of other bands all over the Northern Alabama region as a creative outlet of worship and expression for five friends that are passionate about speaking truth and direction into our generation.  In Irons is a few friends that have something to say to the world we live in today and they want to appeal to a culture that has questions about life, struggles and beliefs. At one point In Irons only wanted to speak about their beliefs and share about what they thought was right for kids to hear. Now, with more maturity and life experiences under their belt, In Irons wants to tell you that it is not wrong to have questions about the belief system that we have always been taught to follow.  In Irons has a fist full of emotions whether it be; hate, love, anger or happiness and they want to share their heart and passion with you all. In Irons hopes to inspire. In Irons hopes to push and encourage.In Irons underwent a personnel upheaval in early 2009 with three of their five members leaving to start a new project.  In Irons have regrouped, brought on new members, played Cornerstone and have announced that a new album is in the works for 2009.

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Album Title Year Label
This Love These Hands / In Irons Split2007Holdfast Records
Heartbeat of the Times2008Holdfast Records





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