In The Midst Of Lions


Deathcore,Grindcore,Black Metalcore

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"I am in the midst of lions. I lie among ravenous beasts. Men whose teeth are spears and arrows, whose tongues are sharp swords."

In The Midst Of Lions grew up in the St. Louis music scene saturated with hardcore and indie bands. "Our local scene influenced our style to be a little bit different than the run of the mill death metal."
A mixture of fast-paced tech metal and melodic worship, their music can be compared to such contemporaries as The Faceless, Meshuggah and Veil of Maya, with the addition of the fact that ITMOL packs a serious spiritual punch. "Our generation is in dire need of a savior. It has become trendy to cast out our Lord, we are here to bring the truth." ITMOL's truth comes under the guise of death metal laced with explosive breakdowns and inspirational live shows.

In The Midst Of Lions have been chomping at the bit to have the opportunity to tour full time since signing to Strike First Records in 2008, and that's exactly what they've been able to do. When citing goals touring is at the top of the list. "We've had a great time on the road and have pulled through a lot of van and trailer problems to stay on the road as much as possible and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon." With a Facedown album now in the works,In The Midst Of Lions expects that the album will dwarf their previous Strike First release, saying that the concept of the album will be focused on God's wrath and humanity's release from that wrath that God has provided.

In the Midst of Lions signed to Facedown Records in the winter of 2009 and released In The Heart Of Man in 2010.

In 2012, the band decided to call it a day:

After our last tour in November of 2011 ended we came home with intentions of resting up and heading back out on the road on the "Kingdom Days" tour in April of 2012. Unfortunately, the long break from tour along with some other opportunities for a couple of the band members meant that 2 of our members were leaving the band. This caused us to cancel our April tour for the remaining members to decide what our next step was. After a few months of no decisions and lack of motivation to catch 2 new members up to speed we decided to call it quits and see where the Lord would take us in our own lives individually.

We are truly sorry that we took so long I update you all. If we have any farewell tour shows or even a tour in the future we will update you all immediately.

God bless you all and thank you for the support through the years! We truly appreciate all your support!!

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Album Title Year Label
Out of Darkness2009Strike First Records
In The Heart of Man2010Facedown Records
Shadows2011Facedown Records



St. Louis


United States

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Facedown Records

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