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Jars of Clay has sold more than six million albums, won three Grammys, headlined thousands of sold-out shows and festivals, and successfully launched the Blood:Water Mission, a non-profit organization promoting clean blood and water in Africa. Since Jars of Clay's debut single, "Flood," astonishingly topped both the mainstream and CCM charts, Jars of Clay has built an extraordinary career based on the uncompromising integrity of its music, worldview, and humanitarianism.

But the members of Jars of ClayDan Haseltine (vocals), Charlie Lowell (keyboards), Steve Mason (guitars), and Matt Odmark (guitars) -- have never been comfortable resting on their past achievements, choosing instead to constantly challenge themselves and each other to grow and evolve as musicians, as songwriters, and as a band. Jars of Clay's 2006 album, Good Monsters, was a blistering rock manifesto that managed to reinvent the band's sound while tackling subjects as diverse and demanding as social responsibility, spiritual doubt and the duality of the human heart.

In 2009, Jars of Clay returns with an album of shimmering, state-of-the-art pop that's as sonically adventurous as it is sly and soulful: The Long Fall Back To Earth.

Produced by Jars of Clay with longtime collaborators, Mitch Dane (Bebo Norman, Caedmon's Call, Kyle Matthews) and Ron Aniello (Lifehouse, Barenaked Ladies, Guster), The Long Fall Back To Earth is a relationship record from beginning to end -- an unflinching, unabashedly intimate look at the way human beings try to connect, and more often than not fail to connect with each other. At the same time, however, The Long Fall Back To Earth is a non-stop, pure pop thrill ride from beginning to end, with gleaming hooks, irresistible choruses, and a retro-futuristic setting where acoustic guitars and 80's synth textures come together to create an entirely new sonic palette for the band.

Jars of Clay were the breakout band of the alternative CCM movement of the '90s, scoring an enormous mainstream hit with the debut single "Flood" and enjoying platinum sales. Jars of Clay's lyrics may have been exclusively Christian, but their acoustic-oriented music fit perfectly into the folky jangle pop wing of alternative rock radio.

Jars of Clay were formed at Illinois' Greenville College in 1993 by singer/songwriter Dan Haseltine and keyboardist Charlie Lowell, music majors in the college's new CCM department who initially banded together to write a song for a class recording project.  Eventually, they chose a name for the band from a verse in the second book of Corinthians, which emphasized the frailty of the physical vessels in which God had placed the human spirit. Encouraged by the response to their small repertoire of originals, Jars of Clay won a talent competition run by the Gospel Music Association in 1994. Jars of Clay returned to Greenville and began selling a self-released demo CD called Frail, leading to interest from record labels.  After considering several offers, Jars of Clay signed with the smaller Essential label.

When "Flood" began to catch on with secular stations in 1995, Essential threw its full promotional muscle behind the album, and by early 1996, "Flood" was a major crossover hit on mainstream rock radio, modern rock radio, and the pop charts.   Some secular listeners and radio programmers hadn't realized that Jars of Clay were a Christian band, and there was something of a backlash when that fact became more widely publicized. What was more, Jars of Clay was criticized in some Christian quarters for touring with secular alternative rock bands during 1996. As popular tastes shifted, Jars of Clay found it increasingly difficult to maintain a secular audience, but still commanded a sizable Christian following while remaining one of the highest-profile groups in any gospel-music subgenre.

Jars of Clay continues to make a difference through its non-profit Blood:Water Mission. As of now, the Blood:Water Mission has nearly completed its 1,000 Wells Project, providing clean water and sanitation to 1,000 communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

With The Long Fall Back To Earth, Jars of Clay has crafted a sophisticated pop record that goes out of its way to be revealing, honest, and vulnerable, inspiring everyone who hears it to pursue a deeper connection with the band and one another.

In 2010 Jars of Clay released the first of a series of live in-studio audio/video EPs, Live From Gray Matters, Vol. 1.  This first volume focuses on tracks from Long Fall Back to Earth.  Subsequent volumes will focus on other fan favorites and are scheduled to be released throughout 2010.

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Album Title Year Label
Jars of Clay1995Essential Records
Drummer Boy1995Essential Records
Much Afraid1997Essential Records
Little Drummer Boy1998Essential Records
If I Left the Zoo1999Essential Records
Jar of Gems2001Jive International
The Eleventh Hour2008Essential Records
Furthermore: From the Studio/From the Stage2003Essential Records
Who We Are Instead2003Essential Records
Redemption Songs2005Essential Records
Good Monsters2006Essential Records
Live Monsters2007Essential Records
The Essential Jars of Clay2007Essential Records
Closer EP2008Nettwerk Music Group
Christmas Songs2007Nettwerk Music Group
Greatest Hits2008Essential Records
The Long Fall Back to Earth2009Gray Matters Records
Live At Gray Matters Vol.1 EP2010Gray Matters Records
Live At Gray Matters Vol.2 EP2010Gray Matters Records
The Shelter2010Gray Matters Records
Live At Gray Matters Vol.32010Essential Records
Live At Gray Matters Vol.42011Essential Records
Reinvent, Remember, Replay EP 2011Gray Matters Records
More Christmas Songs EP2011Gray Matters Records





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