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Folk-Rock,Singer/Songwriter,Praise,Worship and Hymns

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The Los Angeles Times called Jennifer Knapp "a rising star"; People Magazine described her as "an uncommonly literate songwriter"; and Billboard proclaimed, "Knapp proves herself to be the cream that rises to the top." Her impressive critical praise only hints at her musical gifts, but grasping the true Jennifer Knapp experience is realized only by the empowering touch of her voice.

This Kansas-born singer-songwriter quickly sold over one million copies of her three label releases, Kansas (debut), Lay It Down, and The Way I Am. Kansas is now RIAA certified Gold. Coupled with extensive touring, Jennifer Knapp has proven herself as a folk-inspired rock artist whose masterful stroke paints redemptive portraits of life's bumpy road. Song after song, she empties her soul through catchy poetic lyrics that utter the precise words so many hearts have long struggled to find.

From the London Symphony Orchestra to the profoundly intimate percussion, Jennifer Knapp’s albums have consistently featured realized, full-sounding backdrops and intense lyrical impressions. The musical dynamics draw out the emotion and passion, especially with the compelling spiritual themes that run through her songs. In fact, the struggles and inner-conflicts addressed in her music are often expressed in the form of confessional prayers. In this way, Knapp’s songwriting joins artists like Macy Gray, Bono, Lauren Hill, and others. As a teenager, the classically trained Jennifer Knapp attended Pittsburgh State University on a music scholarship. From there, Knapp began performing throughout the Midwest selling her two independent recordings at shows. Her second album, Wishing Well, attracted the attention of Nashville label Gotee Records, who signed her the following year. With her personal songwriting and gut-rock vocal style, Jennifer Knapp immediately connected with a national audience who, like herself, had known difficulty in life and was looking for genuine insight.

As an incredibly active performer, Jennifer Knapp has shared the stage with many greats, including several peers during dates she did on the last Lilith Fair tour. In the 120+ shows she performed yearly from 1997-2002, Jennifer Knapp impacted millions of individuals. This makes it no surprise that Pollstar Magazine included her among its Top 50 touring acts of the Winter/Spring 2001 season.

In 2004, Jennifer Knapp disappeared from the music industry. Shortly before, Knapp told Relevent Magazine
"It was definitely time for a break," she said. "I was touring Lay It Down while recording The Way I Am, then went directly into touring that record. It got to where I was just doing shows to support the record, rather than having a record support the heart of the people I was supposed to be serving. I don't want to make and tour another record just because that's what people expect, or because 'it's about that time.'"

In late 2009 however, Knapp resurfaced with the promise of new music to come in the very near future.

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Album Title Year Label
Circle Back1994Independent
Wishing Well1996Independent
Kansas1998Gotee Records
Lay It Down2000Gotee Records
The Way I Am2001Gotee Records
The Collection2003Gotee Records
Jennifer Knapp Live2006Gotee Records
Letting Go2010Graylin/RED/Thirty Tigers





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