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Jon Foreman is a solo singer/songwriter. He is also the frontman and key song writer for both Switchfoot and Fiction Family.

Jon Foreman was born in San Bernardino, California, but he grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, Norfolk, Virginia and later, San Diego. His walk with the Lord began at a very young age. His dad recalls that he was taking the boys back home from the dump and telling them about how Jesus had made him a better person. "I want that," Jon said. Wanting Jon to be of an age where he fully understood, his dad tried to put him off, telling him when the time was right, they'd do it. "No. I want to do it NOW," was Jon's reply. Jon asked Jesus into his heart that day.

Jon Foreman has always been comfortable in the spotlight, even as a young boy. Once, when his father took him to a local parade, Jon got lost, causing his dad to anxiously search everywhere for him. At last, he found him at the end of the parade, marching with everyone else. Jon Foreman has also been singing for a long time, ever since he was young. He says he remembers singing for the first time at Disneyland... "the happiest place on earth!" As a kid, Jon wanted to be a professional soccer player when he grew up.

At the suggestion of a friend, Jon Foreman learned to play the guitar in Junior High, and later, helped his brother Tim learn to play the bass. Jon is a long time surfer, and throughout high school, he competed often in many surfing events. During his high school years, he and Tim played in a variety of local bands, most famously their band 'Etc'. 'Etc' released a self-titled demo (of which only 1000 copies were made), but soon disbanded.

Jon Foreman then attended college at UCSD, majoring in Economics and studying music. He formed the band Chin Up (with Tim Foreman and a friend from high school Chad Butler) and the band was quickly signed to an indie label called Re:think, where they changed their name to Switchfoot and recorded an album. As the band began to grow and become more successful, Jon Foreman dropped out of college to pursue music full time.

In January of 2002, Jon married his wife Emily Masen (her sister is Sarah Masen, who was a recording artist on the Re:think label).

In 2007, though Jon Foreman was still making music with Switchfoot, he decided to start two side projects. With his friend Sean Watkins from Nickel Creek, Jon started a new band called Fiction Family (previously titled "The Real SeanJon"), and released the Fiction Family self titled debut is 2009. Jon Foreman also began a solo career, releasing four critically acclaimed acoustic EPs, named after the seasons. He uses these side projects as a vehicle to get out his songs that don't fit with the "Switchfoot sound".

Jon Foreman can play the guitar, the keyboards, the piano, the drums, the harmonica and the trumpet. He has also contributed his voice to a variety of bands in the music scene, such as Noise Ratchet and Relient K. Jon Foreman is also a gifted writer and he has been involved in several books such as The Art of Being, New Way To Be Human and Be The Change. A prolific songwriter, Jon will often write a song a day for a period of time. Jon also enjoys philosophy and says that if he were not in the band, he would want to be teaching a philosophy class.

Jon Foreman currently lives in Cardiff by the Sea (a suburb of San Diego), California and when he's not on tour you'll find him at the beach, with his friends, writing songs, playing solo shows, at a charity event, or with his family. "When I'm home," Jon says. "I try to do the following at least once a day: record, write, surf, hang with my wife, read, and eat."

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