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Jonah33 has been around the block more than once in their run of five years. Based out of the college town of Fayetteville, in North West Arkansas, it would be safe to say that they have given their lives to driving an un-compromised message home into the hearts of all who will listen with an aggression, both in their music and their determination.

Jonah33 formed in 2001, with original members, singer/guitarist Vince Lichlyter and drummer Joshua Dougan. In 2004, guitarist Jason Rooney, and Bassist Cory Riley joined the ranks, and it was at that point that the group seemed to have found their niche.

Showing their presence in 48 states and five different countries while having 6 singles from two albums reach the top ten with Christian Rock Radio, nothing is taken for granted with these guys. "Having been on the road now for five years, you would think we would have a whole lot more to show for it", says Vince, "But when you're motivated to strip the spirit of religion from the American church, you don't gain a lot of fans. But the fans who have supported us through the years... those are the ones that count. They are why we do what we do."

Jonah33 released their self-titled debut album in 2001. With moderate success under their belt, and a widely successful single titled Faith Like That, they ventured into their sophomore release, The Strangest Day. The group took a left turn with that release and decided to give the mainstream Christian music scene a try. They embedded themselves in Nashville, co-wrote some songs with some heavy hitters, teamed up with the "right" people, even went as far as to record a worship track that someone else wrote. But in the end, Jonah33 felt they were trying to please the machine instead of God.

So 2007 finds Jonah33 on a new page. They recently parted ways with their record label, Ardent Records, and were picked up by Ares records, an independent label out of Santa Cruz, California.

Their 3rd album, The Heart of War, is slated for a summer release, and by far promises to be the best yet. Jonah33 has taken on the theme of WWll for this album, stating that "The church has been swallowed in the worship movement, and we need to be reminded that we are at war. This life is a spiritual war."

Over 500,000 miles and three vans since their first tour in 2001, Jonah33 offers no signs of letting up. As a matter of fact, internally, they have never felt stronger. The new music they have come forward with on The Heart of War seems to reflect that. Taking a few years of pent up anger and aggression, sonically Jonah33 dove into a much darker side than fans may be used to. But they have also delivered a balance in lyrics that seem to explode with hope, encouragement and brutal honesty, something that seems to be lacking in today's ear tickling industry.

Jonah33 bleeds truth. They are driven with a purpose that is undeniably supported by the Spirit of God, and simply refuse to have anyone tell them to stop. It is true what they say… God is both a Lion and a Lamb. Well if you are interested in getting to know the Lion, you should definitely be following Jonah33.

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Album Title Year Label
Jonah332003Ardent Records
The Strangest Day2005Epic/Ardent Records
The Heart of War2007Ares Records





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