Kelly Jones Parks


Folk-Rock,Singer/Songwriter,Contemporary Christian

Working as a worship leader in Northwest Arkansas Kelly Jones Parks has quietly built a collection of thoughtful, heart wrenching songs about maturing from a Christian teen into a young Christian woman. Kelly Jones Parks' alternative folk style provides an engaging platform for her lyrics while creating the space for listeners to engage her poetic message of confidence and hope.

Kelly Jones Parks began writing songs in high school, but once she left for college Parks' began a prolific period of songwriting.  Soon after starting college Kelly Jones Parks began building a small, but loyal fan base.  On the strength of her debut album, Do Not Fear, Kelly Jones Parks shared the stage with Christian music greats Derek Webb, Sandra McCraken, Ronnie Freemon and Shaun Groves early in her career.   Kelly Jones Parks is an approchable artist, truly "a girl next door".  Parks has said, "I look out at the crowd , I am really curious about the individual people.  If I don't get a chance to connect, then I feel like I've failed."

Kelly Jones Parks' 2001 debut Do Not Fear is a masterpiece, almost a diary of a young woman struggling with the fear and excitement of coming to maturity in the transition from high school with family and college on her own.  The opening track "Right Hand" focuses on the comfort of Christ's presence in Park's life as she explores the freedom of her new life.  "The One" should be required listening for all teen girls and young women as Kelly Jones Parks shares the wonder of finding the One she has waited for God to bring to her.  "Scarborough House" celebrates the discovery of new friendship and the importance of sisterhood in college.  The triumph of Do Not Fear is "Isaiah 43 (You Are Mine)" which is Kelly Jones Parks' celebration of God's love for us.  We defy you to listen to all 4:21 minutes of this song without praying gratitude and praises.

Full of Days followed quickly in 2002 and saw Kelly Jones Parks exploring here relationship with Christ and with family even more deeply.  The opening track "Beggar for Love" is an uptempo rocker that has Parks finding that her pursuit of love has led her to understand that only God fulfills her need for love.  One of the greatest lyrics in all of popular music "I've got see my children's children's dreams come true" comes near the end of "Full of Days", a beautiful song of a man who patiently lived his life in God's will.  It is a story of simple but deeply meaningful, eternally rewarding pleasures and challenges.  Just as "The One" is a song for all teen girls and young women, "Full of Days" should be required listening for all young men.

Since dropping these two bombshell records on us, Kelly Jones Parks has focused her attention on her ministry in Northwest Arkansas and on starting a family.  During this time Kelly Jones Parks wrote and recorded her third CD entitle "Change the World", a worship cd for children.

With the release of her fourth cd, To Tell The Story, Kelly Jones Parks has shortened her name to Kelly Parks. After only one listening "Spilled Champagne" stands out with its message of perspective in life, "the difference between true suffering and crying over spilled champagne".


Album Title Year Label
Do Not Fear2001Independent
Full of Days2002Independent
Change The World2004Independent
To Tell The Story2009Independent





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