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Ambition is a double-edged sword; wielded proficiently, it can yield magnificent results, do so clumsily and the outcome could be disastrous. When a young band decides to divide their album into three ‘acts’, entitled The Revolt, The Trenches and The Surrender, they better have a darn good grip on that blade, lest they fall flat upon it. Calgary’s KIROS pull off this feat like knights of the highest order. A blend of melodic songwriting and faith-based lyrics, Kiros craft songs that are at once completely original and yet ring with an air of vague familiarity. Taking notes from such pop-rock songsmiths like fellow modern melodic rockers 3 Days Grace and Saosin, they instill their music with a positivity that is infectious.

Vocalist/bassit Barry MacKichan met guitarist Ryan Guerra at a church youth group in 2000. The two started playing locally and realized that the music they created had an appeal that reached far beyond the local scene, and thus Kiros was formed. Taking the band up in earnest in 2004, the two have spent seven to ten months a year on the road since then, with Tyler Wells coming in on drums in 2006 and Dougie Parker rounding out the lineup on guitar. They have shared the stage and toured the world with a diverse group of like-minded bands, including All American Rejects, Relient K, Emery, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Hit the Lights, Oceana and Love Hate Hero, and have played the Warped Tour on several occasions. Despite their radio-ready choruses, Kiros is a live band at heart. “We love the interaction, energy and experience of a concert,” MacKichan muses, “ to put on public display of the creation you made in the studio and to bring everyone else right into it.”

In early 2013, the band decided to call it a day:
Kiros started at a youth group in 2000. As 16 year old kids, we thought it would be fun to put together a punk rock band, write a couple songs, and maybe one day make it to a stage to perform live. And maybe someone would watch us. Over a thousand shows later, having accomplished far more than we ever dreamed possible, we find ourselves looking back, satisfied. Well, almost...

It has become clear that the season is changing. Kiros' time is nearing an end, as other life opportunities and passions are starting to rise. Our mission is almost accomplished here.

Although we are very satisfied with all that this band has accomplished, it is with a great deal of difficulty that today we make a massive announcement... We have just begun to book a farewell tour. One last opportunity for us to share our music live, and to share in your company. This band has been carried on the shoulders of so many people who have supported us, fed us, given us a place to sleep, bought a t-shirt or CD, lent us a vehicle during a break down... and the list could go on forever. We want to say goodbye to you, and thank you in person, and let you know how much you mean to us.

We want one more chance to sing these songs with you, and share the thing that Kiros is. It became so much more than just a band, a brand, just some songs, just a show. It became a community, a movement, and a ministry that eclipsed all expectations. It changed our lives, and the lives of so many others. It has forged friendships, relationships, and memories worth more to us than we can describe.

These things are tattooed on our hearts.

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Album Title Year Label
Fight the Night EP2004Independent
Kiros EP2005Independent
A Single Strand2007Torque Records/Victory Records
The Hurricane EP2009Independent
Outlaws And Prodigals EP2011Ain't No Grave Recordings
Lay Your Weapons Down2012ANGR





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Ain't No Grave Recordings

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