Let The Dead


Metalcore,Mosh,Melodic Hardcore


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Hailing from San Diego, California, Let the Dead, starting members: Jason Paone(guitars), Marky Osborn (guitars), and Daniel Emerson (keys) united with vocalist Andrew Forsberg to form a group they believe will leave their mark on the universal music/metal scene.

Then, in a gesture to prove their serious intent to take their music to a relevant level, they pulled up roots and moved out to Texas, which would put them at the center of the U.S. map.

Shortly after arrival in the Lone Star state, they were joined by long-time friends, Tony Fogarty (bass) and Tim Forsberg (drums). Pooling together their collective talents and musical experiences, they have embarked on a road that has been traveled by many before them, but which has so often led to failure. However, Let the Dead's indomitable goal, drive, and purpose fuels a deeper and stronger urge to make a dent in the world around them. To this end, Let the Dead pulls from core beliefs that unite a faith in Something and Someone much greater than they, and is thus their motivation to create a band that will effectively break new ground.

The name of the band stems from another iconoclast who said: "Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead." (Matthew 8:22) Taking these words as a motto and veritable standard, they have set out to wage a type of war which will be won through words, music, and living example.

All band members come from extensive musical backgrounds and have actively played in serious/active bands over the course of the last 7+ years. (www.myspace.com/planofattackband, www.myspace.com/saltofearthmusic, Red Sky) They have fused together their own blend of talents and experiences into one solid metal package which is both brutal and driving and yet still turns the heads of non metal listeners.

The future alone will tell the tale of this band, but if in looking towards the horizon one sees a harbinger of great things to come, Let the Dead Will be carrying that flag.


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