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Talk Music,Experimental,Underground Hip-Hop

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Now a full band, Listener was the artistic moniker of Dan Smith, founding member of the legendary underground hip-hop collective known as Deepspace5.

As with most of the Deepspace5 members, Listener has been releasing solo albums long before he began touring as a solo artist.  While his early work was reminiscent of the Deepspace5 style of underground hip-hop, over the last 5 years Listener has been altering and changing his style to form around the term "talk music", which resembles hip-hop, but is more ranted poetry than rhymed emceeing.  In addition to a change in vocal style, Listener began to tour with a small band, mainly comprising of percussion elements and live bass guitar.

Listener has been known to play very intimate shows, and often embarks on home show tours.

In the last few years, Listener has morphed the into Listener Project with the full time addition of music artist Christin Nelson. The two have been on the road together for a long time, and created their first real colaboration with the album Wooden Heart.

After releasing several albums through various small record labels, starting 2007, Listener has been a full fledged independent artist, touring almost non-stop along with writing, producing, and distributing his albums on his own.

Eventually the duo also added drummer Kris Rochelle, whose work with the group resulted in the Time Is A Machine album.

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Album Title Year Label
The Chemistry Set1994Independent
The Album1995Independent
Whispermoon2003Mush Records
Ozark Empire 2005Deepespace5 Records
Listener and Dust - Just in Time For Christmas2005Deepspace5 Records
Talk Music2006Talk Music Records
Return to Struggleville2007Independent
Train Songs2009Independent
Not Waving Drowning2009Independent
Wooden Heart2010Independent
Time Is a Machine 2013Independent



Siloam Springs


United States

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