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The word love is often used far too carelessly in today's society. As a result, what once was the ultimate expression of affection and concern for another is now diluted. Tyler, Texas-based pop/rock act Luminate is on a mission to change that. For Luminate, love is an action.

“Love isn’t just a word we say to be cool and trendy,” says Luminate frontman Sam Hancock. “It’s an action that demonstrates the love of Christ. After all, Jesus didn’t just talk about love, He lived it through His actions.”

As Luminate has toured non-stop, criss-crossing the country to play festivals, camps and churches, that message of love in action has fueled the group’s ministry, keeping its brotherhood strong.

Drawing from a wide range of influences in British rock and modern worship music, the band’s catchy pop/rock sound pays homage to artists including U2, The Fray, Switchfoot and The Killers. But since the group, comprising Hancock (lead vocals, guitar), Cody Clark (guitar), Dustin DeLong (keyboard), Dusty Jakubik (bass) and Aaron Mathew (drums), bring so many creative ideas to the table, Luminate’s sound has a timbre all its own.

“We’ve recorded a mixture of what we grew up listening to and what we’ve discovered together as a band,” Cody shares. “Instinctively, we like writing songs that people can sing to, but more importantly, we want to write songs that are honest.”

Ultimately, Luminate is a band united by its passion for music and desire to share Christ’s love with others. “Our common goal is to reach anyone and everyone with the love of Christ -- whether they’re in church or clubs,” says Sam. “We want to get the point across that everyone who’s a follower of Christ should be active pursuing his/her faith and God-given life calling. Any day we can do that well, we feel like we’re accomplishing what we set out to do.”

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Album Title Year Label
Luminate EP2006Independent
Bright and Beautiful EP2007Independent
Miracle EP2008Independent
Luminate2010Sparrow Records
Come Home2011Sparrow Records
Welcome to Daylight2012Sparrow Records





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