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Although music has always been the fundamental means of their expression, Mae’s greater purpose has always been to provide something more – a Multisensory Aesthetic Experience designed to cultivate growth and welcome possibility. That purpose, embodied in the band’s name, permeates everything they have done and everything they continue to do.

The Christian music artists of  Mae first began playing together as members of the their praise band at their church, Atlantic Shores Baptist Church in Norfolk, Virginia.  Mae was signed by Tooth and Nail early in their career and released Destination: Beautiful in 2003.  Mae released The Everglow in 2005 and then jumped to Capital Records for their third release, Singularity. Mae's music is a sophisticated brand of pop rock that utilizes complex percussive patterns, jangly guitars, electronic sound effects and pleading vocals.

Mae drummer (and band intellectual) Jacob Marshall attempts to explain, “The Study looks at how our senses interact and perceive information and then attempts to translate that information into terms the other senses can comprehend…” “The Study” that Marshall speaks of is - in simpler terms - the moniker for his band Mae, an acronym for Multisensory Aesthetic Experience.  He elaborates, “…what would music look like if you could see it? What would it feel like and how would it taste? When building this record, Mae wanted to present the concept in as unified a form as possible.”

According to Mae vocalist Dave Elkins in a 2003 interview, while the band members are Christians, Mae is not a "Christian band".

Mae split with Capital Records in 2006 and without a proper record label, the alternative rock group Mae found themselves with no limitations, which inspired the band to find a way to do the two things they love most: creating music and helping others. Mae is in the midst of a social movement they call “12 Songs, 12 Months, 1 Goal: Make a Difference,” whereby the band is releasing three separate collections of music – (m)orning, (a)fternoon, and (e)vening (physically and digitally) – and partnering with charitable and humanitarian organizations to make a direct and positive impact. So far, Mae has raised $50,299.50 in 2009.

In late summer of  2009, Mae announced that they had signed with Cell Records, and would be releasing their trilogy of EPs starting in September through the label.

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Album Title Year Label
Destination: Beautiful2003Tooth and Nail Records
Destination: B-Sides2004Tooth and Nail Records
The Everglow2005Tooth and Nail Records
Singularity2006Capital Records
(M)orning2009Cell Records
(e)vening 2011Cell Records





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