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Hard Rock,Metal,Classic Rock

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Main Line Riders is the type of band whose fans go to their concerts and afterwards all hang around, sweaty and smiling, talking about how they've just seen the next great rock band. Can't really blame 'em either...when you see Main Line Riders, you get the feeling that you've just discovered something really amazing and special, that you're "in on it" just before the rest of the world catches on.

Consider this your only warning: rock-n-roll has returned...not with a whimper, but with a resounding hinge crushing, door smashing bang.

Main Line Riders's sophomore album, Worldshaker, provides a healthy dose of classic hard rock jams that never cease to please. With every song employing huge, anthemic hooks, cleverly mixing snarl and attitude, the band has no problems paying homage to their musical rabbis, AC/DC, Kix and Joan Jett, while appealing to fans of modern day hard rock bands like Vains Of Jenna, Hardcore Superstar and Airbourne.

Worldshaker is an unapologetically anthemic hard rock album, with 12 shout-along, swaggering rockers.

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Album Title Year Label
Shot in the Dark2008Retroactive Records
Worldshaker2009Retroactive Records





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Retroactive Records

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