Make Up Your Mind


Ska,Pop-Punk,Power Pop

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Raving guitars, grooving beats, an energetic horn section and a lead singer who’s hard to keep track of, while jumping
and bouncing around on stage. A few characteristic belonging to the Dutch band Make Up Your Mind or MUYM for short.

The seven enthusiastic guys of MUYM produce a great mix of ska, punk, rock ’n roll and dixie swing which guarantees to get the party started for real! With its impressive list of concerts all over Western Europe, Make Up Your Mind shows to possess the energy and charisma to bring their view of live, in all its beautiful and awkward aspects, in a breath taking live show. Leaving only one thing to be said: JUMP!!!!

Make UP Your Mind started around the year 2000 as a couple of friends from the same church community, wanting to make the youth more enthusiastic about going to church. Make Up Your Mind started by updating the old Christian songs by kicking out the organ and grabbing some drums and an electric guitar. From this the band gradually evolved in what it is today; an international playing rock band bringing you a great mix of ska, punk and rock ’n roll. A lot has happened and changed over the years but their vision remains the same; letting as many people as possible know and see that Christianity is not boring and overshadowed by all kind of rules, but that it makes live an interesting party!

"Wondering why we are called Make Up Your Mind? The answer is simple; we could not decide how to name our band. Several options were mentioned and no conclusions were drawn. Then somebody finally shouted to the others: ‘What is it going to be boys, make up your mind!’. We all looked at each other and said: ‘That’s it!’ Since then we made it our goal to let you decide and make up YOUR mind! We want you to think about the meaning and worth of your life. Hopefully our music will give you a couple of tips in what direction we think you should look; Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour."


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