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Though only in his 20’s, MashetiMoses (real name Art Caballero) has been continually impacting teens and young adults across America, displaying charisma and confidence well beyond his years. His medium of choice is rap, which speaks to youth in their own vocabulary, but he has a way of engaging them that transcends any particular musical genre. His high-energy crowd interaction invites audiences to participate, not just spectate.

It is the message, however, and the potential to change lives for Christ, which most excites MashetiMoses. Having studied the Bible, Theology and Counseling, he knows just how to present the Word of God in a language any person can relate to. Even adult leaders have been impressed with his message and techniques, from the United States, to Latin America, all the way to Europe and Asia.

Keeping an active online presence through Facebook and MySpace, he continues to communicate with his growing fan base of teens and young adults long after the show is over. In all their life struggles, from peer pressure to dating and school, they say he speaks about relevant things in their daily lives. His newest musical project, ILLUMINATION, is intended to bring light into the darkness, and help listeners make a decision for Christ.

Ultimately, MashetiMoses wants to plant seeds of faith, permanently impact youth to make better life choices, and instill in them the knowledge that God is with them in all things. He says his aims are summed up in Mark 4:23: "If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear."

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