Mattie Montgomery

Praise, Worship & Hymns

Spoken Word,Ambient,Progressive

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In our generational DNA, there is a true aggression and determination in the pursuit of the Divine. Mattie Montgomery, as a powerful voice in today's underground music scene, has been established as a leader in this revolution, and currently stands on the front lines to contend for one of the greatest outpourings of the Spirit and fire of God in the history of mankind.

This page represents the personal ministry of Mattie Montgomery, most well-known as the vocalist for the band For Today. More importantly though, this represents a new voice in the powerful apostolic reformation that is being unleashed over our generation.

A revolution has started, and it is calling the rejected, the disillusioned, the outcast, and the frustrated into a new paradigm of true intimacy with the Creator-God through his son, Jesus Christ, and a profound existence, walking boldly in the full power of the Holy Spirit.

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Album Title Year Label
When The Sons Become Fathers2010Catapult
The Keys to Open The Ancient Gates2011Independent

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