In a career that spans 25 years, Michael Card has recorded over 23 albums, authored or co-authored over 19 books, hosted a radio program, and written for a wide range of magazines. While he has penned such favorites as “El Shaddai”, “Love Crucified Arose”, and “Emmanuel,” he never imagined selling more than 4 million albums or writing over 19 #1 hits. The popularity of his work seemed a stark contrast to his goal in life, to simply, and quietly teach the Bible.
Although music provided him the opportunity to share insights gained through extensive research, writing songs alone limited what he felt called to share. Card would frequently agonize over having to condense the vast depth and richness of scripture into a three-minute song. And so he fell, quite naturally, into the field of book writing where he has garnered numerous awards.

Never one to compartmentalize his spiritual life, Card's quest for community slowly seeped into his professional life as he began to write articles and books on topics that captured his imagination through conversations with Bible teachers, friends and contemporaries in both Christian music and the academic community.

Brennan Manning, Dr. Calvin Seerveld, Dr. Larry Crabb, Kirk Whalum, Dr. George Guthrie, Don Wyrtzen, J.I. Packer and the late Dr. William Lane from people known for their academic biblical contributions to Grammy-award winning musicians, Card is the first to note what an amazing community of friends and contemporaries he has had the opportunity to learn from and grow with both personally and professionally throughout his career.

"Thomas Merton said, 'The least of learning is done in the classroom,' and he’s so right," says Card. "The bulk of what I've learned whether academically, musically or personally is through interacting with other people, which is why I think community is so important to our growth as Christians."

In everything he does, Card seeks to encourage his audience to join him in his own journey to know and be known by God by asking questions and entering into meaningful discussion with one another. Card's vision is to edify the body of Christ around the world by sharing experiences and resources in the context of community in order to help facilitate the growth of smaller and more intimate communities within his audience's own churches and neighborhoods.

To that end, Card has branched out beyond the music which made his name known within the Christian community into the various mediums he uses today; another reason why Card sees the importance of continuing to teach at conference centers like Glen Eyrie, Columbia Bible College, Maranatha Bible College and even on a regular basis at his home church.

Whether it's through his writing, concerts, teaching or his radio program, the core of what binds these seemingly diverse endeavors together is biblical community. It is at the heart of everything Michael Card does.

"The one thing we strive to achieve is to reach people where they are," explains Card. "whether it's my work or the work of someone else, there's a greater chance of reaching more people, who in turn will reach out to others in their own community."

Card will continue doing what he loves to do; dig deep into the Word, ask questions and invite others to join him on his journey of knowing God and His Word.

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Album Title Year Label
First Light1981Milk & Honey Records
Legacy1983Milk & Honey Records
Known By the Scars1983Milk & Honey Records
Scandalon1986Sparrow Records
The Final Word1987Sparrow Records
Present Reality1988Sparrow Records
The Life1988Sparrow Records
Sleep Sound in Jesus1989Sparrow Records
The Beginning1989Sparrow Records
The Way of Wisdom1990Sparrow Records
The Promise1991Sparrow Records
The Early Works1991Benson Records
The Word1992Sparrow Records
Come to the Cradle1993Sparrow Records
Ancient Faith1993Sparrow Records
Poiema1994Sparrow Records
Joy in the Journey1994Sparrow Records
Brother to Brother w/John Michael Talbot1996Sparrow Records
Close Your Eyes So You Can See1996Sparrow Records
The Early Years1996Sparrow Records
Unveiled Hope1997Discovery House Music
Starkindler1998Discovery House Music
Soul Anchor2000Myrrh Records
Scribbling In The Sand2002Word Entertainment
A Fragile Stone2002Discovery House Music
The Hidden Face of God2006Discovery House Music
Hymns2008Discovery House Music
An Invitation to Awe2011Sparrow Records





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