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Dubbed by one judicious journalist as ‘compelling and inspirational, truly amazing’, Michaela : The Birth Of A Poet began writing performance-poetry in her chicken-shed bedroom on the 22nd May 2006, since then, the words she frequently places on common ground to fashion the comical, cheeky, spiritual and matter-of fact poetry she recites has rippled over the UK’s every impulse.

Never failing to hold an audience captive, Michaela has silenced venues of thousands with the strength of her sporadic stories. From God, to politics, from America to her favorite pair of shoes, whatever the subject, it is impossible to leave the same way you came in when ‘The Birth of a Poet’ hits up a stage!

Michaela has featured in some of the UK's most premiered venues for dance, music, and drama as well as poetry including Hackney Empire, The Roundhouse, Carling Academy, Bloomsbury Theatre, Trafalgar Square’s open stage to a crowd of 6,000 performing material from her first EP release, 22ND MAY released in October 2007. Her EP continued to gain her notoriety and took her to some of London's most famous poetry nights including The Sunday Show, ADLIB, and Soulcial. She has also featured on TV Stations BEN, Passion TV, LOVEWORLD TV, OHTV, OBE and radio stations Choice FM, Colourful, Deja Vu and Premier Radio as well as over 30 Universities all over the UK.

'Poecsising' with the boldness of a preying lion, Michaela is also a battle-Poet and has gained three 1st Prize Competitions at Theatre Royal Stratford East's 'Word Up Slam' all before spending a month touring across New York and Orlando in March and April 2008. As a strong believer and studier of Christian theology Michaela has also recited her sometimes hard-hitting words of reality at churches such as 'Ruach Ministries', 'New Wine', 'Epainos', 'Emmanuel Christian Centre' and many more!

Michaela's highly anticipated debut album; Fixing Barbie, is an eclectic mix of raw live poetry, with funk, electro-pop, comedy, soul and rock, contemplating on the album herself, Michaela states "if you think it’s just gonna be a bunch of poems, your in a for a surprise mate… it’s hilariously motivational, with every side of me I’ve discovered so far, it’ll be sure to squeeze a tear, split a rib and burst a brain cell".

One of the many things that separate this unsigned and unmanaged artist from the world’s musicians and poets is this; she stands as an unmovable role model to women everywhere, from the beginning of her career and to the present day, she continues to prove that success and happiness lie not in your appearance or even your brains… it’s in your heart… Described by one fan as ‘the realist’, Michaela refuses to hold back; albeit an eating disorder, a disastrous relationship or her relentless faith in God, she bares all if it’s for the bettering of someone else.

There's so much more to say, but nothing can truly sum up her honest ways and peculiar character, and being part of the live experience of her recitations; the words she giggles, sings, cries and screams are sure to have you imagining rays of sunshine within your soul!

Fixing Barbie was released on August 29th with an exclusive Poetical Theatre production at the amazing Stratford Circus to an elite audience of 300. With her electric live band and the thespian expertise of Identity Drama School – this night literally set the world alight! In front of a sell-out crowd and Featuring performances by Monica Palao, Rachel Kerr and the wonderful saxophonist YolanDa Brown, Michaela, rocked the house with performances of exclusive tracks from this highly anticipated album.


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