One21 is Christ in the 21st century.  A time when the never changing Lord is being felt, seen, proclaimed in new places, by new people, in new ways.

One21music is music, of all genres, written from a foundation of hope and faith that God uses to touch people’s hearts.  One21music.com is the largest source of Christian music Bios, MP3s, CDs and Free Music Downloads.

Come,find the music you like that connects to how you live your faith.

Join us, discuss, learn, buy, share.

Why Do We Care About Christian Music?

Parents of teenagers beware! Your children will listen to the popular music of today. The values of today’s mainstream pop, rock, R&B and country artists will influence your children values and the messages of today’s music will help form your children’s attitudes.

At best those values rest on the unstable foundation of self worth and at worst the messages of misogyny, self loathing and despair will permeate your kid’s world view.

Do not despair because there is a world of music that your kids will like, performed by popular musicians who are infused with the confidence, hope and faith of Jesus Christ. We are creating One21music to help you and your kids find this wonderful music that reinforces our values.

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Christian Music is Bigger Than We Think

So on one side, we have believers who are making music, but do not want to be part of the Christian music world, and on the other side, we have people who need help with finding the right artist that helps them live their faith. On the one hand we know of a lot of Christian artist who hardly ever talk directly about their faith in their music, and on the other we have a responsibility to present music that lines up with the ideologies that exist in Christianity.

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Why Should You Care?

It is in this that I see many churches, youth workers and parents unknowingly missing the mark. To talk and understand a kid’s music tastes is very personal but very liberating for a teen with all these new ideas in their head. It is a way to reach them, to talk with out the pressure of small talk or the fear of having the kid tune you out, because there is rarely a time when a teen won’t want to tell you about what is playing on their IPOD. A light comes on behind people’s eyes when they get to talk and discuss their music, especially when they believe that they are talking to someone who is as interested in the subject as they are. As we engage the youth in our churches, know that this is the simplest way to start a relationship with them. On top of that, if we were able to appear to know as much about their music as they do or just listen to them about their music, then a lasting ease between leader and youth will remain.

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